A brilliant rebuttal to Islamic thugs who attack free speech

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Sam Aziz defends his appearance together with Simon Deng at the upcoming public Q Event in Melbourne. Sam writes:

“This article appeared in today’s (31 Oct) Herald Sun, so here we go again:

Dear so called Muslim leaders

Congratulations on lecturing me on the right to free speech, which you have classified as racism, hate, and bigotry.

First of all let me remind you that you are not a race, you are a religion. So my questions about you relate to the violent practices undertaken in the name of your beliefs. My questions are not about where you ethnically originate. So stop calling people who question you racist. It makes you look silly.

Secondly, it beggars belief how you label respectful discourse bigotry and hatred, and yet you have never protested against the most heinous crimes committed in the name of your religion against non-Muslims. Whether it be savage beheadings or innocent women being stoned to death because they dared to complain about being raped. Until we see a clear protest, maybe some of us would start to take you seriously.

Finally, don’t you dare ever lecture me again about how I conduct my elected office. I am accountable to my electorate, not to you.

God bless our magnificent liberal democracy- God bless Australia.”

There’s a lot these so-called Muslim leaders will have to learn about Australia, human rights and liberal democracy; and they would be wise to learn fast.



Leftards have attacked Sam Aziz before:

A CASEY OF HATE: Local councillor Sam Aziz attacks Islam and invites fiery preacher Danny Nalliah to address council

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Controversial Melbourne outer-suburban Casey councillor, wealthy Customs official and deputy mayor Sam Aziz plans to invite controversial anti-Islam, Christian evangelist preacher Danny Nalliah to address the scandal-plagued council on the issue of the construction of a mosque next to Nalliah’s proposed new mega-church.

Aziz told The Age newspaper of his opposition to the construction of a mosque and to Islam itself:

Deputy mayor Sam Aziz said he wanted to reserve his view for the council debate early next year, but that “it would be a very sad day in this country if religion was to come into our decision-making.”

Councillor Aziz said “the perception in the community is that sometimes in these places words are stated and sermons are given that are not necessarily peaceful. Do you know much about Islam? I suggest you get to know a lot more before you write your story because what you might find will actually horrify you.”

This is probably the ugliest statement vilifying a religious faith by an elected public official in Victoria for many years. All of the great faiths – including Christianity – can be made to look silly by picking out parts that these days seem a little strange. Cue Sorkin.

Incendiary preacher Danny Nalliah isn’t that keen on mosques either and is especially opposed to plans for an Afghan mosque proposed for construction adjacent to his own proposed $2 million mega-church.

In documents obtained by VEXNEWS, Aziz has proposed Nalliah be invited to address the council on various matters including “he dangers of indoctrinated religious intolerance to the values, freedoms and stability of liberal and democratic societies.”

Nalliah is well-known for his intemperate observations about those with different faiths from his own, especially Islam.

He uses it as a marketing tool, attracting racial vilification charges, blaming abortion decriminalisation for bushfire deaths, blaming a Kevin Rudd speech on Israel for the Queensland floods and talking up the prospect of Sharia law in Australia. The only good thing about that might be the ritual beheading of nasty mega-church preachers whose commitment to the love for each other Jesus taught does seem rather thin at times.

Casey council meetings on Aziz’s watch have been raucous bogan affairs, as VEXNEWS has reported, with brawling, swearing, character assassination and vile unpleasantness including suggestions the council CEO regards female employees as some kind of feudal sexual entitlement. But all that will seem tame by comparison to Aziz’s chum, preacher Danny Nalliah, if he gets a speaking gig at the perpetually disgraced municipality.

Aziz’s pronouncements on Islam and his suggested invitation of a fanatically anti-Muslim cleric suggest Aziz has already formed a view on the mosque and under Victoria’s increasingly bizarre laws on local government may not be able to vote on the issue because he’s pre-judged it.


—–Original Message—–
From: Cr Sam Aziz
Sent: Wednesday, 28 November 2012 6:10 PM
To: Sue Jolly
Cc: #Councillors
Subject: Further Motion

Hi Sue

Could you also please include the following motion for me for the mext (sic)
council meeting on 4 December:

That Pastor Danny Nahlia (sic) of Catch the Fire Ministries, be invited to the
earliest possible General Purposes Committee meeting, to address
council, reflecting upon his international experience, on the dangers of
indoctrinated religious intolerance to the values, freedoms and
stability of liberal and democratic societies.

Sam Aziz
Councillor for Springfield Ward
Mayor 2011-2012
Chair of Planning 2009-2011
City of Casey

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  1. Yep, the Brits, Canadians and the Aussies diving head first into the Islamic septic tank. Of course, here in the US, we’re wading around in the Islamic septic with out heads out of the Shiite, just so we can still hear the lies of Obola.

    I see the so called civilized governments of the world building the Towel of Babel again. Of course, it will fail again, as it always has and always will. Unfortunately, the civilized world might not survive it. Now, wouldn’t the collapse of civilization be the liberal wet dream?!

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