Aussie-Passport-Holding Muslim, Afghan-Background Zia Abdul Haq, Joins the Islamic State Jihadis in Syria, Slays and Is Slain

As reported by AAP and by Andree Withey for the ABC, fisked by Christina McIntosh

“Shy person” meets virgins:


772298-ac45618e-5330-11e4-a40d-833ddda6a9b8‘Queensland Islamic State Fighter: Brisbane Council Worker Zia Abdul Haq Killed After Travelling to Syria”.

And the first thing, predictably, that we are told is that his family is shocked! shocked! – CM

‘The family of a former Brisbane City Council worker killed after travelling to Syria to fight for the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) is in shock, the Islamic Council of Queensland says.

A council worker.  Now, although that may conjure up images of blokes in hard hats filling in holes in the road, spreading bitumen, toting rubbish bins, mowing grass in parks or trimming trees, another report says he was a “finance worker”.  That suggests white-collar desk job.  And if one knows the least bit about Islam, the vision of a jihad-minded devout Muslim sleekly-besuited behind a desk in the City Council of an Infidel state, with access to matters financial, does not make for quiet sleep. – CM

‘Council president Mohammad Yusuf said he had spoken with family members of Afghan-born Logan man Zia Abdul Haq.

Afghan-born, temporarily-Logan-resident Muslim man. – CM

‘Mr Yusuf said he was unaware the 33 year old had joined IS militants.

But were others?  And Mr Yusuf may have known that Mr Haq was off to the jihad, without having been told in so many words which particular jihad outfit he intended to join.  By the way, note the age. 33.  That is not some headstrong teenager. That is a fully adult man; and educated and English-literate to boot (or he could not have got the desk job in “finance”. – CM

‘IS has committed mass atrocities in Syria and Iraq, including killing prisoners (just as did Mohammed and his Companions back in the day – CM), recruiting child fighters, and according to the group, capturing women and children as spoils of war.

Treating women and children as spoils of war has been a major feature of Muslim Jihad from the time of Mohammed all the way through to the present day.  That phrase ‘according to the group’ is peculiar; does the reporter who wrote it mean to suggest that there is some doubt that this capturing and sex-slaving and so on, is not in fact happening, that the Islamic State jihadis are claiming to have done something they have not?  But the evidence that they have seems to me to be overwhelming. – CM

‘Abdul Haq was killed during the conflict on October 3, The Australian newspaper reported.

Good riddance.  One less dangerous jihad-minded Mohammedan in our midst; so long as the report can be confirmed. – CM

‘He lived in Logan, south of Brisbane, with his now ex-wife (is she Muslim or non-Muslim? – CM) and son, before travelling to Syria to join IS.

‘Abdul Haq migrated to Australia in his 20s (which, given that he turned 33 this year, would time his entry to Australia either just before, at the time of or just after the massive Muslim ghazi assault on the USA on September 11 2001; an assault – waged by infiltrators – that should have been followed – but was not – by a ban upon all further entry of declared/ identifiable Muslims into the West. – CM) and at one point attended the Holland Park Mosque, in Brisbane’s west.

“At one point”.  Note the attempt to minimise any connection between that mosque and this man and what he did. – CM

He was a shy person, mosque spokesman Ali Kadri told the AAP news agency.

Oh, they’re always “shy” and quiet and reserved and wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly. Or they’re “decent fellows”.  Or else they’re smiling and happy and have lots of Infidel friends.  And nobody, but nobody, ever had a clue that one day they would set out to wage jihad fi sabil allah, just like it says in the Quran. – CM

“He was here for 10 years and went away last August”, he said.

Ten years, eh?  Every Friday?  More than once a day?  Other days of the week as well?  Or did he just show up a couple of times a year, for the two Eid festivals?  How often did this Afghan-background Muslim man attend “prayers” at this little mosque in suburban Brisbane, Queensland, Australia?  I hope ASIO and the AFP are conducting inquiries.  The mosque should be investigated. Thoroughly. The very obvious attempts to deflect attention from the mosque, to minimise Abdul Haq’s connection with the mosque, should be a cue to focus attention upon the mosque, unrelentingly. - CM

‘He said Abdul Haq did not speak of his plans before disappearing.

But he might have written about them…that’s not “speaking”.  And… it depends what you mean, precisely, by “plans”.  This carefully worded statement doesn’t exclude the possibility that Mr Ali Kadri knew full well that Mr Haq was off to the jihad, but that he didn’t have possession of the precise intended itinerary with maps, etc. And, furthermore, this statement doesn’t exclude the possibility that Mr Haq communicated with home base after “disappearing”.  When listening to people like Mr Ali Kadri, who is in full Damage Control mode, doing his level best to Protect Islam – and the Ummah advance bases in Australia – from ever-more-suspicious Infidel scrutiny, one must learn to parse their words very, very carefully, keeping an eye open for potential double meanings and loop-holes. - CM

‘Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the Government was aware of the reported death, but it had not yet been confirmed.

Let’s hope it can be.  I do most sincerely hope that he is dead. Just one less dangerous jihad-minded mohammedan to be a menace to his hapless infidel neighbours in Australian suburbia. –CM

“As Australia did not have a diplomatic mission in Syria, the Government’s capacity to verify the report was limited”, Ms Bishop said in a statement.

I cannot confirm on grounds of privacy whether the individual’s passport was cancelled on the basis of security concerns.”

Nice job of stonewalling.  Let’s hope that it was cancelled, and cancelled after it became manifest that he had departed from Australia en route to wage jihad with Islamic State.  That is the time to cancel passports of such persons as are found to be thinking of Jihad abroad; after they go, not before.  Let them deport themselves; then cancel their passports, to make sure that, supposing they do not meet a sticky end in Syria or Iraq or wherever else in the hell-pits of dar al Islam they have gone, they cannot return into the lands of the non-Muslims to wage jihad here. – CM

‘Last month police officers raided a Logan Islamic centre and charged a man (a Muslim man – CM) with allegedly recruiting, facilitating and funding people (that is, Muslims; the eager recruits for jihad who are trotting off to Syria to engage in or connive at bombings, beheadings, torturings, and a spot of kidnapping, raping and sex slaving – by way of pious imitatio Mohammedi – of non-Muslim girls and women, are all Muslims, not one of them is an atheist, or a Jew, or Christian, or Buddhist, or Hindu or Confucian ; funny, that.- CM) to fight in Syria…

And now, let’s restate the obvious.  If there were no Muslims in Australia – not even one – we would not have to worry about nor expensively try to detect, monitor and thwart the recruiters for jihad nor those whom they recruit.  This Muslim man, who has just been killed waging jihad alongside the pious Muslims of Islamic State, in Syria, and who if he had not been killed might have returned here to be a menace to his infidel neighbours, came to Australia from Muslim Afghanistan, around 2000 or 2001.  If from the 1940s right on up to the present day Australia had not admitted even one identifiable/ declared Muslim into the country, can anyone deny that we would not now be having to worry about the likes of Zia Abdul Haq?   But with  500 000 to 600 000 Muslims now entrenched as an Ummah fifth column in our midst, the plots are springing up continually and an ever-increasing stream of pious jihadis are going off to places like Syria to abuse and kill the minority infidels and the wrong-sect or insufficiently-Islamic Muslims, with some of them intending to come back and apply their battlefield experience here, if they can manage it.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  – CM


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