Beware of Beheadings!

Danes cautioned about visiting Muslim countries

In a rare move, the Foreign Ministry has changed its travel recommendations to 28 countries with large Muslim populations.

“This affects Muslim countries or countries with large Muslim populations. We are doing this because we have seen beheadings in some of the countries and we want to make people aware that that if they choose to travel there, there could be a specific terror risk and a focus on Danes,” Mikkelsen said. 

Strange, that. And in the same breath they are telling us that beheadings are totally unIslamic….

“You made us do it!”

Muslim Leaders Blame UK Govt for Alan Henning Beheading, ‘Handed Death Sentence’ By Joining US Airstrikes


Among all of the hollow denunciations of the Alan Henning beheading in the Muslim community, nowhere are the Islamic texts and teachings condemned. The media runs with these shallow statements of condemnation as if to say, “You see!” But more to the point — what are they denouncing? Taqiyya تقية  is a form of religious […]READ MORE – (Pamela Geller)

France-born Islamic State fighter: “I have devoted my entire life to jihad”France-born Islamic State fighter: “I have devoted my entire life to jihad”

He has studied the Qur’an and speaks about waging jihad for Allah and thereby earning a place in Paradise. Obama, John Kerry, David Cameron and others say that his actions have nothing to do with Islam or jihad. The cognitive dissonance is massive, and growing. “‘I Am Only Looking Up to Paradise,’” by Loubna Mrie, [ /Comments] Continue Reading »

Hague: No Jewish Displays Here, We’re Muslim

Dutch police advised forbidding it because it would be a target for vandalism

Kill the Jews


The hatred of the Jew is embedded in the Quran and no Muslim is immune from it. If a Muslim claims that he does not hate Jews, he is either ignorant of his religion or is lying.  Muslims will not lose any opportunity to incite hate against the Jews and victimize them. If the opportunity does not arise, they will resort to libel, as recently the International Middle East Media Center has done. In an article titled “American Rabbi calls for genocide of Muslims,” posted yesterday, this Muslim site accuses Rabbi Shalom Lewis of what Muslims are themselves guilty of. (Read more, Pamela Geller)

Kentucky Fried Asswipes

KFC customer told he can’t have a wet wipe in halal-only branch in Britain because it contains alcohol and could offend Muslim diners

  • Graham Noakes, 41, visited chain in St George’s retail park, Leicester
  • He was told wet wipes were not stored because alcohol is banned in Islam
  • KFC spokesman said it was a misunderstanding and is not company policy


A customer was refused a wet wipe in a halal-only branch of KFC because they are soaked in alcohol and might offend Muslim diners.

Graham Noakes was visiting a branch of the fast food chain in St George’s Retail Oark, Leicester, when he asked to use a wet wipe.

But staff said they did not stock wipes because they are soaked in alcohol, which is banned in Islam.

Graham Noakes

  Graham Noakes, 41, above, was refused a wet wipe in a KFC halal-only branch in Leicester, pictured right

A spokesman for KFC has since said that the incident was a misunderstanding and that alcohol-based wet wipes are not banned by the company. 

Mr Noakes said: ‘They told me it might offend other customers. I explained that it wouldn’t affect me.

‘In fact – I told them I like alcohol, so it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. When they wouldn’t give me one, I was disgusted. I will never be going to KFC again.’

3 thoughts on “Beware of Beheadings!”

  1. “A physics professor in Turkey wants to build death camps for Jews in his country. One month after making his wishes known, his research was awarded government funding. Ali Ihsan Goker is yet another symptom in a very real and growing problem in Turkey. That Goker is able to call for the extermination and genocide of Jews without consequence is trumped by his being rewarded for it.”

    Here we go again.

  2. I still shdder when I look back on the 2112 riot by Muslims again throughout Sydney. The picture of a two year old holding his little sign which said Behead all Infidels. His mother from hell, held one too advocating the same treatment of we Dhimmi and Infidels.

    Did not hear a word from Tony Abbott then. But now, when he says our budget is a disaster, he finds millions, no billions to go to war . Why didnt either of these parties do something then.

    We still have many Muslims in our gaols. We should bring back the death penalty for Muslims breaking our law. This is the only way we will ever get rid of them. And where are all of those mythical “good” Muslims. If there were any in the first place, they should given them up. But as I said, there are none.

  3. In a rare move, the Foreign Ministry has changed its travel recommendations to 28 countries with large Muslim populations.

    Does that include France and the UK?

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