Canberra Journaille introduces you to two victims of the "insane rage against Islam"

Jenna Price, a columnist for the Canberra Times, gets carried away in her efforts to “educate” us about the liberating freedom sack.

She even introduces us “to two victims of the insane rage against Islam”.

Guess who?

One of them is Aloysia Brooks, a lecturer, researcher and PhD student who is studying torture prevention (she has already completed one doctorate!). Her husband is David Hicks, a 39-year-old Sydney panelbeater, who spent five-and-a-half years in Guantanamo Bay.


This twat believes people who know their stuff about Islam are insane. Go figure!


More of the same BS from Fairfax:

Why you should visit a Muslim country

Islam isn’t a cult of violence and aggression, but a culture of hospitality and warmth.

2 thoughts on “Canberra Journaille introduces you to two victims of the "insane rage against Islam"”

  1. Australia’s Politicians and Politicals ….
    Stop supplying military aid to the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) Countries.

    Anthony John “Tony” Abbott ….
    How about you return to Australia the ADF personnel you sent to FIX the ‘Death Cult’ ISIS (or just plain olde islamic Submitters).

    Now use the ADF personnel (purged of Muhammadans) to round up all the Muhammadans in Australia and (after they have been given the choice to leave voluntarily) expel or “expel” every Muhammadan invader in Australia.

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    Let the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) Countries Savages defend themselves against their own Muhammadan Savages.

    Overload all/any of these 57 Islamic Countries with their own -(STERILISED)- Malevolent Submitter Savages to ISLAM who have been Rejected by The Civilised West for The Wests Self Preservation.

    Australia’s Politicians and Politicals ….
    If you leave it much longer there will be even more Malevolent Rioting Savage Muhammadans (just like IS – or what erver they want to call themselves) and you wont have a chance in hell of getting rid of them.

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