Cliche'phobia, bigotry and veiled anti-kafir propaganda

Clichéphobia at The Daily Beast or the unbearable stupidity of Jay Parini, thanks to Mullah, pbuh, who promptly suggests we should lose the “Islam is peace” cliche’…..

Can We Lose the Violent Muslim Cliché?

One expects to hear such talk in Israel, and one does. The 19-year-old son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently posted a message on his Facebook page suggesting that Muslims “celebrate hate and death.” 

10502884_700089810073426_700087846740289_22675_392_b…. it seems worth recalling that vast majority of Muslims lead peaceful lives, and—does anyone doubt this?

There’s a pattern emerging:

Its a trend:

“Attacks on Muselmama’s mount”

And the stories keep rolling in about Muslim women ….

Incidents of Islamophobia are plainly on the rise but the authorities would tell you otherwise…..
  1. And here is another story about a Muslim woman. Seriously folks is there anything else in Australia worth writing about?
    Women bear brunt of Islamophobia: It is the little things that Sara misses the most: driving around with the windows down, taking her kids to the park, ducking down the street for groceries.
  2. A WOMEN’S rights leader is calling for all (imaginary)  abuse against Muslim women to be reported and prosecuted after ­incidents in Fawkner and Campbellfield. … More human rights for followers of the false prophet at Moreland Leader
  3. Observatory needed to monitor the repeated insults on Islam and Muslims and respond to the suspicions and lies told about Islam.–More ‘suspicion and lies’ about Mohammedanism @ Daily News Egypt
  4. Muslims launch Facebook ‘chaperoning’ service for women wearing hijabs over fears of a growing number of public attacks… – dedicated to developing a global movement for Khilafah

    Forget about Islamophobia monitoring.

How about an online register for Australians who feel worried and concerned about Islam? Our voices need to be heard too….

Not to worry; help is on the way:

If you just woke up to another bout of Islamophobia, why not wander over to this brand-new Facebook group and share your experience with fellow sufferers? AISHA should be a relief for all who feel alienated and threatened by the growing Isl… See More (A Q-Society Initiative)

AISHA – Anonymous Islamophobes Support and Help Association

We are a self-help group for Islamophobes who share their feelings and concerns about Islam , as well as for friends of people with this condition.
For a different perspective on the increased reporting of so-called ‘hate crimes’ against Muslims, it pays to remember a common proverb from the Islamic world: “Tamaskan Tatamakan” which means “Show a victim’s face, and you will take over”… See More
Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes and Other Lies
This article discusses and lists incidents where Muslims have been caught fabricating anti-Muslim hate crimes, or lying about other issues, such as their views on terrorism.–WikiIslam
Friends of Q invite the Muslim community to show evidence of the attacks. 
There have been at least 30 attacks on Australia’s Muslim community since the country’s police force began conducting anti-terror raids in response to extremist threats in mid-September, The Sydney Morning Herald reported Friday.

We’re all bigots? Not according to this film by Muslim student Kamal Saleh

This social experiment was possibly one of the most eye- opening experiences ever. Every single person stopped and interfered. Nowhere else in the world have we seen such a response,” he wrote. “This video is hard proof that the Australian public do not welcome hate against Muslims”.