"Divisive Policies" and Australia's "social cohesion"

The new buzzwords of the scoundrels who brought us the sharia and flooded the country with Mohammedan headchoppers:

Tony Abbott’s cave-in to “divisive policy of backbenchers” a failure of leadership

Sydney Moonbat Herald becoming frantic in its support of followers of the false prophet

Australia’s social cohesion is at risk. The Prime Minister’s responsibility is not to play with it but to protect it.

How about protecting Australians from the soldiers of Allah?

877848-sydney-riotMore on Australia’s ‘social cohesion’ being destroyed by the otherers who divide us into muslim / non-muslim (and then complain about being othered)  Peter Hartcher at Sydney Morning Herald, thanks to Mullah, pbuh….

Newport: Muslims ‘under siege’, says lawyer shyster

Followers of false prophet attack us, our way of life and infrastructure – then claim to be ‘under siege’

 Ms Souki said the Muslim community was feeling besieged by growing suspicion. …

More on allah’s otherers who attack us then claim to be under siege at Monash Weekly by Goya Dmytryshchak….

dtho13October007.JPG / Muslim Women Naqab
Tony Abbott finds burqa ‘confronting’ and would not oppose parliament ban

Frankly, I wish it was not worn but we are a free country, we are a free society and it is not the business of government to tell people what they should and shouldn’t wear,” he said in Canberra. …

Its not about us telling people “what they should and shouldn’t wear.” Its about preserving the freedom to reject the freedom sack.

… The opposition leader, Bill Shorten, said Abbott should “stamp on the issue” and promote social cohesion. …

Romper Stomper. Every socialist hack is a totalitarian asshole and Shorty is the biggest of them all.

More issue-stamping and attempting to alloy iron with clay at theguardian.com, Wednesday 1 October 2014

3 thoughts on “"Divisive Policies" and Australia's "social cohesion"”

  1. I would encourage all Islamosavvy non-Muslim Aussies to get behind Bernardi, Christensen and Lambie and PUSH.

    Ring them, email them, *write* to them – on paper, signed and stamped – to express your whole-hearted support for a French-style ban on the Slave Mask: no niqabs or burqas to be permitted to be worn in any public place in Australia. The ban – like the ban on all other security-inhibiting crime-promoting face coverings – to be strictly and resolutely enforced.

    There’s a great deal else to be done by way of pushback against Sharia Creep and Islamisation, but since this is the issue on which there are 3 Federal politicians showing willing, this is the place to start.

    (And if all the other politicians get letters from lots of their constituents requesting that they, too, should step up and vote for a burqa-and-niqab ban, then they might begin to wonder whether there may not be VOTES in the matter. Christensen, after all, has stepped up at least in part because his constituents have been at him for a while; and Lambie has now said that since she came out against sharia and in favour of a burqa ban, so far she’s gotten about a thousand messages in her in-tray – nearly all of them supportive).

  2. Interesting that Muslim “executioners” also hide behind the “muffler mask”. Not one of them has the gust to show his face. Gutless cowards.

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