Ebola, 'Climate Change' & "Nothing To Do With Islam"

The inevitable result of many decades of dumbing down:

Federal Government Posts Article Blaming Ebola on Global Warming

You had to know it was only a matter of time:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service posted on its website an article that claims Ebola is a “direct consequence” of manmade climate change.

The kind of rhetoric coming out of the Obama administration is the stuff of the KKK or al-Qaeda. Take your pick — it’s vicious, antisemitic and supremacist, the most vile demagoguery. Blaming the Jews for this purely Islamic movement exposes Kerry and Barack Obama for what they really are. Jew-haters. America, what have you wrought? – See more at: Pamela Geller

Here. (By Hugh Fitzgerald)

Suppose we pretend that climate change does explain the Islamic State. And that the Islamic State has “nothing to do with Islam.” And then assume, further, that climate change explains what has been happening in Libya, in Yemen, in Egypt, in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Bangladesh, among the Muslims in southern Thailand and southern Philippines, and among the Muslims — the open Jihadists, and the slyly hidden ones –all over the Western world. But then, since climate change occurs all over the world, affecting non-Muslim countries and peoples just as much, why have they not created anything like the Islamic State, or any of the other upheavals in the Muslim and Arab lands that are obvioius to all,  since apparently Islam is neither necessary nor sufficient to do so?

A puzzlement.

In other news:

Since Ebola Outbreak, Obama Administration Has Made It Easier for West Africans Who Come to America


If You Think Obama Is Bad Now, Wait Until After the Midterm Elections

Maybe Obama isn’t incompetent. The alternative explanation for his presidency is that he shares the rabidly anti-American ideology of virtually everyone he has had a close association with and is bringing down the USA on purpose: Dem Rep Tells Media Apparatchik That Noticing Obama’s Incompetence Is a “Disservice”

The Eidolatry of the Lurch

Kerry hosts belated Muslim holiday celebration


WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s a week and a half late, but Secretary of State John Kerry has hosted a celebration of Islam’s Eid al-Adha (eed al-AHD’-hah) holiday at the State Department.

Kerry appeared to be speaking without a script as he noted that the Muslim holiday commemorates the patriarch Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son (which son?) at God’s  Allah’s command. The Bible and the Quran both describe it as a test of faith. Kerry said Abraham was doing it “to provide for people, and to prove something.”

In other words, this ridiculous fool proves once again what an embarrassment he is….

Kerry reiterated the administration’s insistence that the Islamic State group is not Islamic, and said its violence has the potential to unite Sunni and Shia Muslims.

I’m sure the Muslims loved to hear that.

He told the assembled Muslim dignitaries, “I think that it is more critical than ever that we be fighting for peace.”

Peace comes after all the people profess there is no god but allah and Muhammad is his profit…..

After US Secretary of State John Kerry said the stalemate in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians is feeding the rise of the Islamic State group,…