Andrew Bolt

It is ominous that this country now has so little humour and such hostility to free speech that satire gets referred to the thought police for official investigation.

True, the Press Council is belatedly developing an aversion to censorship, but the process is increasingly the punishment – and Left knows it.–Frightbats insist we do not laugh at them

Shame on the frightbats responsible.

Tim Blair:

The Press Council subsequently spent months considering the profound legal, moral and ethical issues involved, and yesterday finally handed down this official ruling: Frightbattle: Judgement Day

And this, from the US of A:

The latest from Matt Walsh:

I won’t say this video killed feminism, just like I don’t think Beyonce killed feminism when she performed a striptease on stage at an awards show in front of a giant,…THEBLAZE.COM

One thought on “Frightbattery”

  1. Re: Feminism and abusing little girls into being hostile misanthropes:

    Most men instinctively want to defend and protect women. In being taught to reject those types of men, WHILE slandering them ALL as rapists, these kids will grow up smugly alienating well over half of the human population (because no other women will want to associate with them, either, at least not whenever any men are around them)! So all they’ll have left to console them in their later years is their carefully fostered anger, hatred, and resentful victimology just as their feminazi mothers had planned for them!

    As for the rest of it, idolatrous criminals (liberals, muslims, divisive feminazis, etc) HATE cause-and-effects, because it proves them to be lying slanderers each and every time.

    The REASON women, as a group, on average, earn less than men in the exact same jobs, is because they don’t stay in those jobs. Everyone gets incremental raises, even while doing the same work of the same description in the same job position, the longer they keep at it, right?

    But no matter what level of which job women are in, they often opt to become pregnant and leave those jobs – either temporarily on maternity leave, or for years, to raise the kids – so OF COURSE they aren’t still earning any money there, or getting any raises!

    THIS is what the statistics reflect, and if the agitating feminist activists (extortionists) were honest enough to admit it, their whole “men deliberately underpay us!” slander narrative would be instantly over!

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