Jihad fisabeelallah! (in the cause of Allah)

Possibly a copycat, possibly just a madman … but:

Andrew Bolt:

Another attack

It’s hard to get authorities to admit to links between such crimes and Islam, but:

Hours after the attack, the NYPD announced that the suspect may have had links to (Islamic) terrorism – based on social media posts [Zale] Thompson allegedly made – but have hesitated to make the announcement official.

Decades of reverse-racism, encouraged by fashionable universities and the Left, have worked their poison:

Commenting on a Caliphate Youtube video titled, “UPRISE OF THE KHILAFAH WORLD WIDE”, Zale Thompson (Muslim name unknown) responded to a man complaining about the insanity of ISIS beheadings and general bloodshed.

“Zale Thompson Sep 13, 2014If you’re looking for “perfect” muslims who never make any mistakes in their Jihad, then you will be looking in vain! If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad! Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah!”


That was two days after the most recent anniversary of September. The Arabic word means “In the Cause of Allah”.

Zale’s YouTube playlist was full of racist Malcolm X videos and in another YouTube comment he made racist remarks about white people, writing that white people had invaded the rest of the world.


New York hatchet jihadi called for “internal mass revolt” in U.S.

Ottawa jihad gunman Zehaf-Bibeau taught others about Islam, had passport seized by Canadian government

What for? Isn’t that idiotic?

PVV leader Geert Wilders said government policy is ‘incredibly stupid’. 

‘Now they’re walking around on the streets. People who want to wage jihad, chop off heads, carry out terrorist attacks are now walking around among us thanks to the minister’s decision,’ Wilders said several months ago. —Is cancelling jihadi passports counter productive?

The Leftist/Islamic supremacist spin machine is in high gear today, pumping out material insisting that the shooter was mentally ill and that the shooting had…

One thought on “Jihad fisabeelallah! (in the cause of Allah)”

  1. I’m fairly certain that we are instigating a general war with Islam.

    Look at it another way, then the reasons I posted previously.

    The only way we can save ourselves is by having a civil war, while the odds are still in our favour. This will lead to voluntary or involuntary repatriation of the defeated.

    For this to take place, we need to intervene in Muslim countries under an pretext we can make up. This will cause outrage among Western Muslims, and they will act violently, as their religion commands.

    Sooner or later, either the authorities, or the people will react, and

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