Indian jihadist group calls for attacks on nonMuslims

Everywhere you look, its just Islam. Not radical, not militant, not fundamentalist, just plain Islam that looks the same wherever the soldiers of allah rule:

Maulana Abdul Rehman al-Nadwi al-Hindi:

“Kill the idol worshippers wherever you find them … shoot them if you can, stab them, throw stones at their heads, poison them, run them over, burn their fields – and if you are unable … spit in their faces,” al-Hindi said, referring to Hindus.

1298305296-uprising-against-indian-rule-in-kashmir_1296(Reuters) – A group of Indian Islamic militants, operating out ofPakistan, has called for attacks on non Muslims in the region in retaliation for U.S.-led air strikes on fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The head of the little-known Ansar al-Tawhid fi’Bilad al-Hind urged Muslims to kill foreigners and other infidels in mainly Hindu India where Muslims have largely stayed away from global jihad.

“If you are in the fortunate position to kill an American or European, whether French or Australian or Canadian, or other unbelievers who have declared war on the Islamic State, then do so,” said Maulana Abdul Rehman al-Nadwi al-Hindi in a 30-minute video posted online last week.


4 thoughts on “Indian jihadist group calls for attacks on nonMuslims”

  1. There is only one solution to ISLAM – Eradicate it

    The first step by The West is to ensure the following steps are carried out ….
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  2. Have the world’s police agencies put up a price yet for Maulana Abdul Rehman al-Nadwi al-Hindi capture, dead or alive? Because this is “incitement to hatred, community violence, acts of murder, and acts of terrorism” by any definition. Only the most brain-dead apologist can fail to get the message.

    1. Maulana doesn’t need sensitivity training, because he is a devout Muslim who is above criticism.

      Bill Shorten will suck his toes and the rest of our treacherous pollies will bend over to make these savages welcome, while calling Australians ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ for objecting to it.

  3. “incitement to hatred, community violence, acts of murder, and acts of terrorism” by any definition.

    yes ,that applies only to non muslims.

    Maulana Abdul Rehman al-Nadwi al-Hindi is a muslim and doing the speeches from Pakistan.Pakistan encourages any jihad speech against India.That is the basis of their existence.

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