More Hijab Solidarity Needed

A grown woman puts her head in a sack and explains to the ABC it’s about expressing her freedom.

Something like that.–Celebrating what blots women out of the public space (Bolt)

“Abu Khaled from Australia” has a message from the inner struggle movement:


“To the leaders — to Obama, to Tony Abbott — I say this: These weapons that we have, these soldiers, we will not stop fighting. We will not put down our weapons until we reach your lands, until we take the head of every tyrant, and until the black flag is flying high in every single land,” he says.

The mufti and his coconspirators issue a warning:

We call upon everyone concerned to act with restraint and not to use this latest video to exacerbate community tensions in Australia. (or else…)

Muslim community leaders have released a joint statement condemning the threats made against Australia by apparent Islamic State militants, including an Australian-accented man, in a video released today.

More calls for jizyah to study why people follow the false prophet while ignoring the obvious at SBS thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Perth: Muselmaniacs feel ‘terrorised’

Slogans including “Ban Islam” and “Fuck Islam” were spray painted on the walls of a mosque as well as an Islamic school, while beer bottles allegedly were thrown at another mosque.—AUSTRALIA: Alleged vandalism against Perth mosques and Islamic school

“There’s a limit…” (smells like a threat)

“… this minority group that are terrorising Australian Muslims, but there is a limit to what people can actually digest and they do become fearful at what happened,” Muslim sheikh Burhaan Mehtar said.

Good Riddance, Gough!

Multicultural Moonbat ‘Giant’ Kicks the Bucket With 98

Doesn’t it give you the creeps that the Left & those who are supposed to be on the right cry crocodile tears over a red ratbag who caused irreparable damage to this country?

Larry Pickering says it well:

…. he disliked me intensely and I detested him.

I recall his economic illiteracy, the unwavering belief in himself, his disdain of mere mortals and his self-acclaimed intellectualism, it was painful. Had he been competent in the slightest, it was a pain I could have endured.

Gough, with his corrupt Cabinet, was unable to serve two complete terms of Office and what he did serve was utter mayhem.

Andrew Bolt:

The ABC has thrown itself into an astonishing frenzy or grief and beatification of a Prime Minister who led for just three years, left the economy in ruins and left the public so scarified that he was rejected at the following two election by huge margins – 44-56 and 45-55.

Here is a taste of the coverage, from the ABC’s The World Today: Gough Whitlam dies