No progress can be made until Britain submits to Islam….


Coventry jihadist vows to ‘wreak havoc’ on the UK when he returns

An ISLAMIC state fighter from Coventry says “everyone will be targeted” as part of the group’s war on the West. … More on the vulnerable, marginalised and angry  fighter for the false prophet at Coventry Telegraph thanks to Mullah (pbuh) who provided the following links:

Why don’t we le’t Allah sort them out?

sharia-law-protest-in-egyptModerate Muslims, conservative Muslims, and extremist Muslims often get lumped in together as “dangerous terrorists” who need to be stopped, even though we all know that’s not the case.  How do we know that? Because while “Extremism” is a real and potent threat;  Islamophobia is much worse – (caused by the Mass Media: by Osahon Aimiuwu)

No progress can be made until Britain submits to Islam:

Muslim groups say little or no progress can be made on radicalization until politicians confront the elephant in the room — the foreign policy of Britain and its allies. Radicals say Britain and the West prop up dictators in Muslim lands, and turn a blind eye to oppression if it suits their political and economic interests.

“…the UK has effectively given up trying to stop jihadists from being created.”–James Brandon, former head of research at the anti-extremism Quilliam Foundation.


“Spreading hate and fear among the people of Oklahoma”

Truth-telling about Islam makes CAIR apologists throw hissy fits:

“…a lot of it – most of it, all of it – is false rhetoric and lies or hatred geared toward Islam… I think it’s an embarrassment on their part, that they would take advantage of such a bad situation to spread their hate…”


“The prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, didn’t teach any acts of terrorism or violence — he taught the exact opposite,” Mohammed said. “The only time there was an act of aggression or anything from the Muslims during his time was in the response of self-defense.”

The event will be at the Fairview Baptist Church and speakers include: Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy and former assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration; Clare Lopez, former CIA operations officer; and Paul Blair, a Baptist minister who has published several materials on Islam and the Constitution.