Obama's 'larger role' and his strategy that enabled the caliphate

Kerry: Saving Kobane not part of strategy

Whatever the Obama regime does, its never part of any strategy.

Syrian town where Kurds face ISIL onslaught is “a tragedy” but focus must first be on Iraq, US secretary of state says.

Pat Dollard:

OBAMA: My ‘Larger Role’ Than ‘Taking Care Of The American People’ Is ‘My Obligation To Make Sure Africans Are Safe’

“But let’s keep in mind that as we speak, there are children on the streets dying of this disease, thousands of them. And so obviously my first job is to make sure that we’re taking care of the American people, but we have a larger role than that. We also have an obligation to make sure that those (African) children and their families are safe as well because ultimately the best thing we can do for our public health is also to extend the kind of empathy, compassion and effort so that folks in those countries as well can be rid of this disease.” – Barack Hussein Obama

Inside Kobane: Drug-crazed ISIS savages rape, slaughter and behead children

(Tundra Tabloids)

“IS are animals. They’re not human. They have a bloodlust the like of which I’ve never seen – it’s as if they enjoy killing.

“They revel in cutting heads off – it’s like their trademark.”–More here.

In other news:

Hamas Threatens Jews to Leave Israel – Or Else

Begging  genocidal head choppers for peace is a lousy idea.
What occupation? Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005. Where is the thriving “Palestinian”-ruled Gaza we were promised? The peace, love and happiness that unilateral withdrawal promised? Why does any rational human being believe in the annihilationist two-state solution? What is Ban Ki-moon smoking?