Nothing good can be expected in Tunisia…

by Hugh Fitzgerald

The story here.

I don’t care about the casualties. Why should I? They are alien in every sense, from a different univserse.  I am sure they were all people who represented a mortal threat to public order in Tunisia. They were part of the half of the society that wants to be Saudi Arab, determined to make life hell for the half that wants to be French. What interests me is the complete lack of any indignation expressed by those who like to express themselves so loudly in some other contexts. I can imagine the world-wide howl of protest if Israeli troops raided a site on the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria), and killed all of the occupants, five of whom turned out to be women. Can’t you?

Millions vote in cradle of Arab Spring to elect five-year parliament since they overthrew dictator Ben Ali in 2011.

Tunisia: Educated, affluent Muslims joining Islamic State

5908891500_c789f9a249_zEveryone knows that poverty causes terrorism, and that therefore giving money to Muslim states will quell terrorism. All the learned analysts say that. But when the last Western authority finishes his or her speech to that effect, these wealthy young Muslims with master’s degrees will still be supporting jihad, and all the billions thrown at….. / Comments/ Continue Reading »

Are you upset? Do you think that had he lived he would have been a “valuable contributor to society” as a fellow Muslim maintains? Those who wrote the story want you to think so.

That story here.

Those who wrote the story want you to think so.

That story here.

Many Tunisians may try to get to Europe; for Europe’s sake they must not be allowed in:

Nothing good can be expected in Tunisia. Freedom to vote means more freedom for the head choppers to force Islam on everyone.


Fury And Resentment In Calais, Where African Immigrants Are Destroying The City 

Egypt’s savior, General Al-Sisi, its most thoughtful and best leader in modern times, warns that the Muslim fanatics,supported by other fanatics abroad, are out to destroy Egypt. And after the latest attacks in the Sinai, he declares three days of mourning and a state of emergency.–Story here.

And meanwhile, the journalists’ guild, to which all journalists must belong, has accused Magdi Allam, of “Islamophobia” and want there to be consequences. Egyptian and Muslim by birth, Magdi Allam came to Italy when he was 19, over time abandoned Islam, and became a ferociously relentless revealer of what Islam is like from inside, and at the same time he assumed the mantle of an outsider defending Italy and the West, worried protector of his new country. He’s been a member of the European Parliament; the political group he heads is called Io Amo L’Italia (I Love Italy). He wrote a book in praise and defense of Israel. Mark his name.– Here.