Is cancelling jihadi passports counter productive?

There is that tortured word again, ‘counterproductive’. Used in the right context it doesn’t even sound so fatuous:

Questions are being asked in the Dutch press about whether cancelling the passports of Dutch jihadis  to stop them travelling to join Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq is counter productive.

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The Netherlands has cancelled the passports of 49 dual nationals, 41 of whom were planning to head to Syria or Iraq and eight who are already there.

But questions are now being asked about the wisdom of such a move. Volkskrant commentator Raoul de Pre asks if stopping potential jihadis going abroad might not lead them to take out their aggression on the Netherlands.

PVV leader Geert Wilders, he points out, has already said government policy is ‘incredibly stupid’.

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Between a rock and a hard place:

Jihadists: we’ll attack Netherlands if we lose passports

Stop holding back radical Muslims who want to travel to Syria and Iraq or the probability of an attack in their own country will grow, just like in Canada. 

Newspaper AD received this warning from Dutch fighters in Aleppo.

According to terrorism “experts”, it is better to confiscate the passports of jihadists so that jihadists can be monitored and further radicalization can be countered.

About 50 potential jihadists’ passports have been confiscated in the Netherlands.

It is “wise” to let jihadists go.

“Give the noble Muslim freedom fighters their passports back and let them go,” says one fighter in Aleppo.


No such luck here in Oz, where our pollies are stuck on stupid. If they are so alienated and frustrated let them go. The trick is not to let them return.

“Alienated and frustrated young men trapped in Australia”

WOULD-BE jihadists will continue to have their passports cancelled after federal cabinet’s National Security Committee re-evaluated the risk of “lone wolf” attacks by “alienated and frustrated young men trapped in Australia”.

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  1. If Jihadis are not allowed to leave, it will only increase their determination to leave. That’s good. So yes, prevent them from leaving by taking their passports away. They will leave anyway, but now they wont be able to get back. And they cant sue, as they are not in the boundaries of the EU.

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