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The Remarkable Ayad Jamal Al-Din Tells The Truth About Islam, Calling It The “Fiqh”


Here. by Hugh Fitzgerald

He’s a Shiite cleric and former Iraqi MP. He insists on telling as much of the truth about Islam as he can without beijng accused of apostasy (for all I know, by now he may well have given up Islam, but for many reasons, he chooses to present himself still as a Muslim, trying to save not Islam, but the Muslim peoples from Islam itself). He focusses on “fiqh” – his synecoche for Islam. And he makes clear the world-wide support for ISIS, from Muslims who from every country where there are large numbers of them clamor to join, and he mentions the “thousands” or “perhaps many more” mosques that actively encourage Believers to support ISIS. He repeatedly says that both the Sunni and the Shiite fiqh support the killing of the Yazidis; both the Sunni and the Shiite fiqh support violence. Only at one point, when the fearful moderator of the program, needing to make sure the program does not get out of hand by too much truth-telling, asks him if he believes Islam itself is a religion of “tolerance and peace” does Ayad Jamal Al-Din say, with deep insincerity, yes, he does, but for 1400 years, it is not the true Islam but the distorting and dangerous fiqh that has manipulated and directed Muslim minds.

This is one of the most instructive of the videos that MEMRI, that indispensable organization and website, has recorded, translated, disseminated. Would that many see it.