Penetrating the nonIslamic world with sharia finance & halal

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Malaysia PM backs idea of creating Islamic mega bank

“We are keen to integrate, penetrate into the wider market so that Islamic finance will be seen as a real alternative to conventional finance.” ..

Pok-o-phobia Outbreak:

A flu vaccine for children contains traces of PORK – and that could mean thousands of Muslim children could miss out on protection against the winter bug.

Denmark: Muslims beat man with bottle for calling Islam “violent”

B. was beaten twice in the head with a full bottle, he ended up with nine stitches…

“We must conquer the world with halal…”

Its always about conquest for these savages. By all and any means. Larry Pickering’s reminder of this ‘Meeting of Mob-Leaders’ is timely:


According to a report in the Pakistan Daily Mail, Bosnian Grand Mufti, Mustafa Ceric (pictured) has urged the Muslim ummah[that means all Mussies] to conquer the world through the Halal certification movement.

In a Karachi seminar the Grand Mufti urged all Muslims to, “Conquer the world through the Halal movement, as Halal means pure and hygienic [it means no such thing] and the non-Muslim world will have no choice but to accept it.” [Wanna bet?]

Addressing a reception hosted by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) held in his honour [did they really say “honour”?] and other delegates of the Global Halal Congress, Dr Ceric said that, “The Halal certification movement has the strength to lead Muslims to rule the global economy, as food and other services [like concubines] are the basic need of every human being”.

He added that, “People of his country love Pakistan and hold it in high esteem for its role over ethnic cleansing.”

The Grand Mufti also remarked on the irony that Muslims are unfairly labelled as terrorists. [Of course! It’s those pesky Presbyterians who are causing all the trouble.]

Dr Ceric further said that Muslims of the world love each other [did he say love each other?] which is the major cause of unity and strength among themselves. [Does this jerk even know where the Middle East is?]

He said that Pakistan could become a Halal hub in the region and it has the potential to earn billions of dollars through Halal certified products. [Yeah, products like baking soda and KY Jelly.]

Assistant Secretary General, Attiya Nawazish Ali said in his welcome address that, “It’s a good omen that Muslim countries have realised the importance of the Halal economy.” [Yeah, beats the hell out of oil.]

He went on to say, “The OIC, Organisation of Islamic Countries, and ICCI are also making efforts to boost the Halal economy and are conducting workshops and seminars on Halal standardisation.

[Standardisation! I think he means all Muslims should stick with the same rort. Anyway, I’ve got a much better idea! Why don’t you thieving bunch of wankers start producing some stuff yourselves instead of taxing ours, then we can start a non-Halal certification racket?]