Unsettled Worming Science

Globull Worming

According to liberal dogma, global warming is a bad thing and it is caused by carbon dioxide. Love away the carbon dioxide, and you love away the global warming.– Moonbat Explains How to Stop Global Warming Through Meditation (Moonbattery)

If only all moonbat attempts to control the climate were this harmless.

Controlling the climate.


The science is unsettled, as usual: only 37 days to go:

Tim Blair

Doomsday draws near:

The planet has just five years to avoid disastrous global warming, says the Federal Government’s chief scientist.

Prof Penny Sackett yesterday urged all Australians to reduce their carbon footprint.

Former U. of Arizona prof: We must destroy modern civilization to save Earth from global warming

A former professor at the University of Arizona is so convinced that global warming is ruining Earth that he’s proposing a desperate plan to save the world: Destroy human civilization as we know it. …

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