Sweden to recognise Pali terror state

Jew-Hatred in Sweden: First EU country to recognize “Palestinian” Terror State

SwedenCollapsing-MuslimProtestOn the eve of the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people. The antisemites of Sweden, who have all but given up and handed their country over to Islamic supremacists, seek to impose the same on the Jewish people.

Sweden has, in fact, evolved into more of an Islamic state than a Western one. Recent news reports show crushing weakness and dhimmitude in the wake of violent Muslim agitation.

Their response to the jihad raging on their streets is, “We will have to live with the shootings.”

Jews are openly beaten in the streets in Sweden by Muslims.

Muslim politicians in Sweden have called Jews apes and pigs.

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Former Mavi Marmara activist terrorist becomes Swedish minister

Former Greens and Environment Party lawmaker, Mehmet Kaplan, has been appointed as the new Minister of Urbanization.

mehmet-kaplan-isvecMehmet Kaplan was born in Turkey in 1971.

No Swede is a minister in Turkey or any other Mohammedan country. Under the sharia, a non-Muslim cannot hold any position of authority over a Muslim…..

Sweden’s new Social Democrat government to recognise Pali terror state

Stockholm (AFP) – Sweden’s new prime minister announced Friday that the country will recognise a Palestinian state, becoming the first EU member in Western Europe to do so.

Social Democrat leader Stefan Loefven — who won last month’s general election — said the Nordic country wanted to bolster a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Washington reacted quickly calling Stockholm’s recognition “premature”, while Palestinians cheered the decision as “courageous” and urged the rest of the European Union to follow suit.

“A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and the will to co-exist peacefully,” Loefven said in his inaugural address to parliament.

This should take place with respect for the “legitimate demands of the Palestinians and the Israelis as regards their right to self-determination and security”, he added.

Seven EU members in eastern European and the Mediterranean have already recognised a Palestinian state, namely Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania. Non-EU member Iceland is the only other western European nation to have done so.


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Swedes are beaten with iron pipes for displaying the Israel flag.

Muslims torch cars, stone police and riot across cities in Sweden.

The Islamic State in Sweden has vowed, “Until the day we die, we will engage in war against Sweden and Europe.”

“Truly catastrophic” plots have been thwarted in Sweden. Are they hoping to make a deal with the devil?

Muslims have set up non-go, sharia zones in Sweden.

A politician who spoke critically of Islam had a bomb planted in his car.

Why is Sweden recognizing the annihilationist movement against the Jews? What exactly is Sweden recognizing and sanctioning? The jihad against the Jews.

This is surrender to jihad. In April of this year, the Swedes criminalized criticism of Islam in accordance with the sharia. Now this.

Sweden’s new dhimmi Prime Minister said, “The two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to co-exist peacefully. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine.” When have the Muslims in Gaza, Judea or Samaria (the mythical “Palestinians”) ever said they would recognize the Jewish state? The very existence of the state of Israel is deeply offensive to devout Muslims.

There are two states, Israel and Jordan…

“Sweden to be first EU country to recognize Palestine,” Pamela Geller

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  1. dont forget the Swedish were formerly friends of Hitler. Hitler was the best friend of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who furnished details of Every Jew, and had them sent to the gas chambers. These two go together like fleas on a camels ars. Disgusting duo.

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