The dividing line between good and evil

Mark Steyn:

Much of the progressive agenda – on marriage, immigration, and much else – involves not winning the argument but ruling any debate out of bounds.– Tiptoeing on ever-thinner eggshells


Tim Blair:

The rape, torture and enslavement of women are abhorrent acts, don’t misunderstand me. But what about the British in Malaya in the 1950s?–EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE

Robert Spencer:

NYU Prof: Myles Standish beheaded too; we’re all as savage as the Islamic StateNYU Prof: Myles Standish beheaded too; we’re all as savage as the Islamic State

In a certain sense it is true: the dividing line between good and evil is not between one group and another; rather, it is within every human heart. This article is trying to make that point, but also to go farther than that, to reinforce the fashionable relativism of the intelligentsia: no moral distinctions can ( / Comments]  Continue Reading »


3 thoughts on “The dividing line between good and evil”

  1. I wonder where their moral relativism goes when their heads are being sawed off by Muslim vermin.

  2. So we are to berate ourselves for a beheading that was in 1656. Why is it that we have to dig into the graveyard of centuries past, and sometimes eons ago, in order to make some moral equivalency of the violence done so we can give those who are beheading in numbers so large we can’t keep count for their allah-thing a pass? Or say that they are ok because we did it too? ‘we’ are not doing it and ‘we’ are not doing it for God and to do so is repugnant to us.

    The logic is failed so this ‘intellectual’ isn’t so intellegent, and should be given an ‘F’, or fail, as his moral equivalency remarks.

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