Unislamic beheadings causing "Islamophobia" attacks….


Wassim Ibrahim: Islamic State beheadings in Syria cause fear of islam and hurtful comments to muslims in Belgium

These consequences are related to what is being called “Islamophobia.” Muslim associations in Europe have monitored an increased frequency of attacks on Muslims, especially women. The attacks range from insults to the forceful removal of the veil in some cases. …

More forceful removal of heads in Syria leading to forceful removal of hedjabs in Belgium in some cases at Al Monitor thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Iraqi city falls to ISIL as army withdraws

20149213441916734_20Hit, in Anbar province, changes hands after government forces abandon last base in city in order to defend an airbase.

 Pali Al-Aksa Mosque Mufti to NATO’s Arab partners: Kill the Jews instead.

From the Elder of Ziyon

It is sentiments like these that persist not just throughout Hamas but throughout the more respected Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas.

Here is a clip that was broadcast on Palestinian Authority television in which the PA Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Hussein urges his followers to kill Jews.

So are our own Parliamentarians really going to vote to recognise “a state of Palestine” that has religious leaders and an official television network that propagates the message that Jews should be murdered?

If that is today’s outcome then Britain’s Parliament should hang its head in shame.

Jordan warns that allowing Jews to visit the Temple Mount can lead to a “religious war”

Israel has been fighting a religious war ever since the meshugga prophet of Islam started to hear voices from ‘Allah….’

Video of Muslims shooting incendiary devices from Al Aqsa Mosque

Ma’an reports:

Hundreds of Israeli police raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Monday, leading to clashes with Palestinian worshipers, witnesses said.

Israeli forces fired stun grenades, tear gas canisters and rubber-coated steel bullets at Palestinians in the holy site during the clashes.