UK Votes for Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Craven Quisling MPs vote to back a call for government to recognise “Palestine” terror state

UK Parliament votes 274-12 in favor of recognizing “the state of Palestine”

afdi-hamas-is-isis-ad-crop-no-disclaimer-2The jihadists in Gaza, Judea and Samaria have met no conditions and have refused to recognize Israel. For this they received $5.5 billion in jizya yesterday ($212 million from Obama) and now quasi-recognition from a now de facto Islamic state — the UK. A terror state in the heart of Israel. First Sweden, now this.

Britain once fought the Nazis, and now they have become the Nazis. Wow.

The thing is, by appeasing the jihadists and going along with the Jew-haters, they have signed their own death warrant. If they sanction the jihad against the Jews, they have invariably sanctioned the jihad against the West and the UK. The UK will get more beheadings, more terror, more plots — because terror works. They have just voted on that.~ Pamela Geller

“A great evil has overtaken Britain.

By this vote – and despite the majority of MPs who absented themselves – the House of Commons has identified Parliament with lies, blood-libels and racist terror and strengthened those bent on Jew-hatred and mass murder. If David Cameron does not repudiate this vote in the most robust terms, then despite his abstention tonight he will be complicit. I shall write about this debate in more detail in Friday’s Jerusalem Post.”  ~Melanie Phillips


AN Australian jihadist dubbed Jihad Joe, who was fighting with Islamic State has been killed in Syria. Brisbane (Musel-)man Zia AbdulHaq, who was also known as Abu Yusseph, was revealed to have left his family to fight with Islamic State in Syria in August.

Israeli Arabs join the Islamic State

“Recently we have seen more and more youths calling for support of the Daesh organization. This is extremely dangerous, and will have horrible ramifications for all of Israel’s citizens,” said Fuad Mansur, a social activist from the Arab town of Tira.

News: ‘For the life of me I can’t understand how anyone supports this groups’ murderous ways,’ Israeli-Arab says after Israeli youth who fought with Islamic State group killed in Iraq, highlighting a growing phenomenon which is a major concern… YNETNEWS.COM
Fuckwit of the Month:
Wish I could actually laugh at this because it’s funny — but unfortunately, it’s true.– Allen West
Its another one of these “my people” investments:

ISIS Magazine: Islam Calls for Sexual Slavery

daesh-girls-slaves-isis-3 ISIS is not unique in its use of sexual assault and slavery against its enemies.

Deputy to the Chief Mufti (Islamic scholar) of Syria, who is loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime that ISIS is fighting against, in early January gave Syrian soldiers religious permission to rape so as to take revenge on Syrian rebels.

Speaking of the phenomenon of ISIS atrocities, Islam expert Prof. Rafi Israeli told Arutz Sheva last month that the acts arebased on Islam having a basic disregard for human life: “for them it is not sacred, like it is for us.” He noted the Koran calls for terror against enemies, without specifying or limiting who those enemies are.

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  1. Britain has fallen:

    Home Secretary Theresa May praises Worcester’s Muslims

    [During the commons debate, Mr Walker said: “Hundreds of thousands of British Muslims have come together to say that the actions of ISIL and other terrorist organisations have nothing to do with the peaceful and dignified religion that they follow. ]

    All that remains is full submission to the Beast 666, when he appears.

  2. History shows that when nations turn against Israel, they fall. Ever since England broke the Balfour Declaration, and even stopped Jews entering Palestine (now Israel) during WW2, they are declining as a world power. It sure looks like God has withdrawn His sustaining hand from England.

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