"We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic”

Interesting. Looks like Czechs are a people with a sense of self-preservation:

At least two-thirds of Czechs consider a threat to Czech society and 90% are afraid of it, an Academy of Sciences Sociological Institute study of the European election calculator EUvox calculator has shown.

Islam is anti-civilization

“Teplice will attempt to tackle and stop the Islamic colonization,” Barták said, “that does not bring progress and development to the indigenous population, only medieval methods and security hazards; fighting weapons that they have at their disposal.”

logo_bigLocal politicians became active too. Iva Dvorakova, a councilor for the right-wing Civic Democratic Party (ODS), appealed to the members of the city council to force the Ministry of Home Affairs to adopt a ban of the face-covering scarf (niqab) in public places, as happened in France.– In the Land of Assertive Kafirs

Gates of Vienna presents Takuan Seiyo’s latest essay concerns the “Islamophobes” of the Czech Republic, and includes translated material on the topic from Polish media.

2 thoughts on “"We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic””

  1. No need to be “surprised”. Bohemia, Poland, Lithuania never “fell” to Islam. They were never defeated by any caliphate. Any sort of Islamic presence and Islamic law is completely alien there. And it will remain so.

  2. As a Czech i know, that many nations and cultures tryed to break us, convert us, or destroy us… they tought we are pretty small insignificant weak country. And still here we stand. We have hate for religion (and violent invasions of any kind) coded in us so heavilly, there is no way islam ever suceed here… They are trying to force theyir ways on us, but response is always swift and decisive… we ban their clother from hospitals and school, we make laught at every muslim we came across, we are about to ban halal meat. We send those SOBs back to their medieval place where they belong.

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