When "Genuine Freedom of Worship" Means Sharia

5161390-3x4-700x933Tim Wilson is  the Australian Human Rights Commissioner.

Tim used to talk sense. Now he talks Kool-Aid:

Ban on burkas has no place in a liberal democracy like Australia

“There is nothing defiant or sectional about a demand for genuine freedom of worship, which is freedom for all.”

Freedom, baby:

mecca_06But we have more than one Tim in the Human Rights business.  The other clown, our “Race Discrimination Commissioner” Tim Soutphommasane, is a vacuous “philosopher” who hates free speech. He cant suck up enough to Muslims and sees only evil in white Australians who took him in as a refugee.

No, they aren’t victims – and the Left is reckless to feed that confected fury

Andrew Bolt

There is something dangerous in the pandering of the Race Discrimination Commissioner, who indulges what he should reject:

Gerard Henderson:

On Tuesday, The Age published an opinion piece by Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane that was essentially a fudge. He began by conceding that “all of us are rightly disturbed by the prospect of terrorist acts on Australian soil; counter-terror raids in Sydney and Brisbane, and the shooting of teenager Numan Haider in Melbourne, have highlighted community concern”.

Tim_Sout-colSoutphommasane’s reference to the shooting of Haider by Victorian Police failed to mention the evidence that the deceased had wounded and attempted to murder two counter-terrorist policemen. The Race Discrimination Commissioner also declined to remind The Age readers that Haider’s family had migrated from Afghanistan to ­settle in Australia and that he obtained a good ­education, had a job and a car, and lived in a fine house. Haider was no victim.

Soutphommasane went on to argue that “Muslim Australians are entitled to a fair go”. This suggests that they do not get a fair go already. It’s another way of saying that Muslim Australians are victims.

This led to writer Gabrielle Lord contacting the Australian Human Rights Commission to express her disappointment with the Race Discrimination Commissioner’s comments, which she interpreted as “largely a reprimand to the non-Muslims of Australia”.

Lord’s position is that “rather than chiding non-Muslims for their suspicions, fears (and on occasions bigotry), a Race Relations Commissioner would surely be better advised to address those Muslims in our community who bear a lethal hatred and contempt towards all of us non-Muslims and tell them this will not be tolerated”. 

Too many commentators on the Left have been reckless in feeding the absurd paranoia and victimology that is so marked in parts of Muslim Australia, and which feeds the dangerous notion that Australia is at war with Islam – and vice versa.

Note how Soutphommasane’s preferred narrative would only feed into that of, say, Tahmid Mirza:

21-year-old Deakin University student Tahmid Mirza … [is] one of the 10 most-followed jihadist propagandists among English-speaking foreign fighters… In April, King’s College’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence named his Twitter account in the top 10 “disseminators” of propaganda followed by English-speaking foreign fighters. The think tank said the ­account was followed by 48.6 per cent of the 190 foreign fighters it had studied online.

Mirza, taken in from Bangladesh and given a good education, security and access to taxpayer-support, nevertheless prefers to see himself as a victim:

I am with all the sincere Mujahideen, whether from AQ (al-Qa’ida) or ISIS… We should not delay in establishing an Islamic State or applying the shariah whenever the Muslims have authority…. [Australians] don’t give me ‘security,’ why on earth have many Muslims been harassed, betrayed and in fact lied to by the government and the so-called ­‘security’ intelligence? I love the nature and the landscape (of Australia), that’s about it… You fear terror attacks back home? Your government should stop destroying other people’s homes then. It’s not rocket science now is it?

Al AGE genius Jeff Lewis figured it all out: 

The bottom-line truth is that this new war is again being driven by American oil interests.

Our capacity for cruelty, slaughter and violence is really no different to those whom we now define as our evil enemy. Moreover, our capacity to overlook the complexity and causes of the rise of Islamic State, and its popularity among young Western Muslims, is equally ignominious.

It is this disdain for the truth that is enabling the seamless graduation of anti-terrorism into a broader Islamophobia.

Professor Jeff Lewis is co-director of the Human Security and Disasters Research Program at RMIT.

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