Blood Money For Muslim Soldiers?


“… the Government “failed in its duty” to protect the asylum seekers and that there were violations of human rights that warranted compensation for Mr Barati’s family and to those who were injured…”

Labor loons and Watermelon Greens demand we pay compo to the invading soldiers of allah who were rioting in detention on Manus Island.

Good dhimmies!

They seem to think we are already living under sharia.

Labor and Greens senators  recommended the Government pay compensation to the victims invaders…

Reza_BaratiOne of the rioters was killed when fighting with guards, which brought the bleeding hearts out in droves…

6a0177444b0c2e970d0192ac1dcfc4970dCuriously, nobody ever asked from what these “asylum seekers” are fleeing….. here some more pic’s of these cultural enrichers.