Feel the Love….

Kill a Jew, go to heaven:

Jewish Man Stabbed in Crown Heights – Arutz Sheva

… Police arrived at the scene and apprehended the perpetrator, who according to several source, is of African-American descent and may be Muslim. …By Tova Dvorin thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Imam feels the pain:

Al-Aqsa imam: Situation in Jerusalem ‘painful’

… “Extremists advocate the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the building of a so-called ‘Solomon’s temple’ with the aim of conducting a racist project in Palestine.”

He said it was up to all Muslims in the world to urge Israel to allow Palestinians to decide how they wanted to live, in accordance with international law. … “International law” means sharia for the soldiers of allah….

Pali Muslim Cleric Endorses Murder of Rabbis; Obama is Considering Sanctions Against Israel; Hillary Sides with Obama on Israel

“Murder of rabbis was committed according in accordance with Sharia…”

(FPM) Despite the media’s attempt at moderatewashing, it’s clear that the entire Pal Authority infrastructure supports the synagogue massacre at Har Nof and the murder of Rabbis while praying.


How ISIS Drives Muslims From Islam
Young Arabs are boldly speaking out against rule by Shariah.
Really? I call BS. This is purely for infidel consumption. They are religiously obliged to support it, and they do. In ever larger numbers.
“While Islamic state continues to control a great swathe of territory, enormous wealth and a self-declared “caliphate” it will continue to attract recruits in large number. The core of its appeal over other Islamist terror outfits lies in its seizure of power. The only way to stop that recruitment is to destroy it on the ground.” ~Melanie Phillips

Don’t Keep Yelling ‘Islamophobia’ To Silence Genuine Debate

 If we fail to reciprocate and keep yelling ‘Islamophobia’ to silence genuine debate, then the host society has an absolute right to act in revulsion towards us.–Munir Pervaiz Saami @ PuffHo


Al Sharpton, look out. This guy will take your job:
Defected guard recalls Islamic State militant forcing child to slit throat of FSA fighter




Too dumb to understand Koran; not too dumb to wage jihad:

Ahmet, a 24-year-old Uygur, tried to cross the border to join a so-called holy war after being taught religious precepts by Ismail Yusup. Ahmet admitted he could only read the Quran; he could not understand its meaning. …