More Terror in Israel

BREAKING: Shooting in East Jerusalem’s Ma’ale Adumim
– suspected terror attack

A terrorist entered a supermarket in a settlement on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon and stabbed two middle-age Israelis. An off-duty security guard, who witnessed the attack, fired at the terrorist and arrested him. The news came as Israel’s government disbanded and was heading towards a March election.


How Come the UN Has Tons of Dough for Palestinian “Refugees” But None for Starving Syrian Refugees?


No fair: Palestinians have an entire (crappy) UN body to deal with their refugee-ness while refugees from Syria get plenty o’ nuthin’.


The more “Palestinians” suffer, the more power goes to UNRWA,

Bassam Eid in the Jerusalem Post:

Saudi Writer Abdullah Hamidaddin Recognizes That Iran, Not Israel, Is The Threat 

Hugh Fitzgerald

He still doesn’t like Israel, but that’s okay, that’s to be expected. How can he, after all, contemplate an Infidel nation-state with equanimity? He still says that Israel wants to prolong the conflict with the Arabs, when he must know that Israel would like, and even believes, that conflict can end, when — because of what Islam teaches, because of what is in Qur’an and Hadith — it can never end, though it can be managed if Israel manages to hold onto the indispensable-to-its-security territories known to some as “the West Bank.” But Hamidaddin recognizes that Israel has no claims on Saudi Arabia, has no claims on any Arab state, wants only to possess that tiny sliver of territory (not even including that part of historic Eretz Israel on the other side of the Jordan) that was set aside, by the League of Nations, for the express and sole purpose of a place for the establishment of the Jewish National Home, that is Israel. He knows that Iran, malevolent Iran, with its Hezbollah agents in Lebanon, and its support for Assad in Syria, and for the Houthis in Yemen, and for Shi’a subversives in Bahrain, and a nascent Shi’a movement in the oil-bearing Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and its conviction — absurd but not to assorrted crazed ayatollahs — that it, Shi’a Iran, can somehow become the leader of the Muslims, even though 85% of the world’s Muslims are Sunnis.

So he’s right to express — on what tiny Saudi channel is this, where a woman interviewer is possible, and dressed fit to kill in Rodeo-Drive mode — a matter of geopolitical common sense. Israel will defend itself against Arab attack, but has to desire to attack the Arabs and no claim on Saudi Arabia or other long-established Arab lands (the shock troops of the Jihad, the invented “Palestinian people,” are another matter for any state they would establish would be used as a base for endless warfare, diplomatic, economic, and when possible military, against Israel). But Iran, per contra, does.

His remarkable comments here.