Jihad is “the job!”

The Guardian runs amok with Musel-grievance theatre:

Hizb ut-Tahrir braces ahead of Abbott’s promised security clampdown

Group is looking to distance itself from Salafi jihadists and members thinking of clearing innocuous objects such tools, knives and books from their homes

In aftermath of Chapel Hill shootings a community still searches for answers

Life on the campus of University of North Carolina is slowly returning to normal but the killings of three Muslims are a haunting reminder of Islamophobia

Who needs a job when you got jihad already?

When you make jokes about dumb blondes they say you are stereotyping. But  stereotypes are not bad because they reflect a sum of experiences. Marie Harp proves it:

State Department’s Harf: “We cannot kill our way out of this war,” we need to give the jihadis jobs…
It’s an unpleasant fact, but killing the enemy is indeed how wars have historically been won. Never in the history of the world has a war been won by alleviating the poverty of the enemy.

Muslims do not migrate to become something else. Muslims migrate to make the world Islamic. A Muslim despises the West and its “man-made” laws.

Muslims come to the West to make us Islamic, not to become Europeans or Americans. To be a Jihadist is the most highly  regarded job in Islam because it is the only way for a believing Muslim to get  to Muhammad’s bordello in the sky. Jihadists are the “true believers”. It is incumbent on every Muslim to give their life and property to jihad. Jihad is THE JOB. 

Islamic State ‘burns to death 45 in Iraq’

For some reason, you don’t find that in the Guardian.

The craven BBC calls these savages “militants.” These murderers are savages — and what makes them so monstrous is that their slaughter is religious and holy. The reports are now multiple times daily.

35 More Christians Kidnapped by the Islamic State in Libya

Obama shrugs while waging jihad on  freedoms back in the U.S…..