We’re all Danish Charlie’s now…

‘We are all Danish tonight,’ says Charlie Hebdo columnist

Paris (AFP) – A columnist for French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on Saturday condemned a shooting in Copenhagen that targeted a debate on Islam and free speech, saying: “We are all Danish tonight”.

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“There is no Islamisation in Germany…!”

German city cancels parade over ‘Islamist terror threat’

Berlin (AFP) – The German city of Braunschweig cancelled a planned carnival parade Sunday because of a “specific threat of an Islamist attack”, police said. …

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Copenhagen rabbi says Jews now fear leaving homes

The shootings, which left two dead and five injured, were “clearly acts of terrorism,” Loewenthal told Israel Radio in an interview early Sunday as well. …  | The Times of Israel

73% of Muslims in France consider Islamic sharia law more important than the law of the land
And all around Europe, Muslims are doing everything they can to make sure they will be governed by sharia law, not “man-made” (as Muslims like to call it) law…. BARENAKEDISLAM.COM

2 thoughts on “We’re all Danish Charlie’s now…”

  1. Immigration may or maynot be beneficial – it depends on the people who are coming in. In the case of Muslims, the result is not going to be pleasant. For Jews, this immigration is a death sentence.

    One of the features of the recent attacks that has not been apparent, is that Jews were singled out.

    1. Mumbai massacre – the Islamic terrorists went out o f their way to kill Jews. Why was this? The attack on India was purportedly for India’s occupation of a part of Kashmir. Yet Jews were deliberately targetted.

    2. The massacre in Paris at Charlie Hebdo. The attack was for blaspheming Islam’s prophet. Yet again, Islamic terrorists went out of their way to target Jews.

    3. Danish massacre – same thing as #2.

    The question is, why go out of the way to kill Jews, far away from the target.

    It seems to me that there is a unstated understanding among the Islam’s suicidal murderers, that they are going to die anyway. Killing a few Infidels or pagans may have some kudos, but killing Jews guarantees them a place in Islam’s paradise.

    Western governments loudly proclaim that they will defend freedom of expression. A laudable aim. But will they pay the price? Even very brave writers will have to think, that excercising their right to free speech, will not just put their lives in jeopardy, but also Jews in the vicinity.

    I see no easy way for politicians. There are a few options
    1. Ban free speech regarding Islam’s prophet under the guise of “hate” speech. The OIC will welcome it.
    2. Unofficially advice Jews that they can’t protected, and its best they leave.
    3. Ban the Koran under the guise of “hate” speech. Geert Wilder’s option

    In any case, the Jews will be blamed, and killed. Bibi Nethanyahu is right. I cant see any future for Jews in Europe.

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