The last thing France needs…?

What is the “last thing France needs?” More kumbaya? More “interfaith dialogue?” More pretences that all is well when its obviously not?

France’s Jewish and Muslim leaders fall out, Muselmaniacs throw hissy fits.

The scribbler from the Local who penned this believes this is a bad thing:

The last thing France needed in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks is a public row between leading Muslim and Jewish groups.

“All violence, all violent acts today are committed by young Muslims.” To further anger Muslim leaders he supported the use of the term “Islamo-fascism”, which was first uttered by Prime Minister Manuel Valls earlier this month.

f93cc688a72e141e6ebd208012675b59cb0f364112d051094ecb6a2d1adf7cc9Head of Paris’ mosque Dalil Boubakeur (left) and the president of the representative council of Jewish institutions (CRIF), Roger Cukierman (right), in happier times.

NOTE from the Tundra Tabloids:

Muslims are just out to con the rest into thinking that they are serious about addressing valid concerns about their community, and as soon as you start holding them to it, they break out the long knives.

France’s Muslim leaders boycotted a dinner by the country’s most prominent Jewish group after its leader blamed young Muslims for anti-Semitic violence, adding that the National Front leader Marine Le Pen was “blameless” when it comes to anti-Semitism.

French Jews turn to Le Pen after Muslim attacks

French Jews are ready to discard decades of distrust of the far right by voting for the National Front as a bulwark against radical Islam.–More here.


“… if a Jew or any non-Muslim abuses the Prophet, he will be killed.”

Dr Andrew Bostom: ”Mohamed had his own ”dead poets society”


One thought on “The last thing France needs…?”

  1. The Frogs’ cars and cities are on fire every day, and have been for several decades, yet this is how they still act – pretending that “young muslims” (previously known as “Bored Youts”) somehow AREN’T responsible for the vast majority of violent crime in France?!

    And the real cause of the resurgence in worldwide anti-Semitism in recent years is pretty obvios, too – LIBERAL COWARDICE.

    See, muslims blame Jews for everything (it’s right in the Qur’an).

    Muslims outnumber Jews, and often SEEM to outnumber others (especially bedwetting crybaby liberals) SO of course the liberals will turn on the small numbers harmless, mostly pacifist Jews in their midst, if they think they can appease the scary muslims by sacrificing the Jews to them in habitiual ritual human-sacrificial offerings, as they seem to do every day in public in the leftist-dominated enemedia and university campuses.

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