There is No Future for Traitors

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Obama U.S. Attorney: Anti-Muslim Backlash More Dangerous Than ISIS 

So in the vision of U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner, it’s mostly a teenage fantasy and has nothing to do with religion. ISIS and al-Qaida do not pose a very high threat, despite “grisly story after grisly story,” an apparent reference to murders, assassinations, torture and such. … (by Lloyd Billingsley)| FrontPage Magazine

“We have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states,” said Comey, adding, “This isn’t a New York phenomenon or a Washington…
PEOPLE GET READY: Our Pro-Muslim, Pro-Sharia president has opened the floodgates to not only masses of illegal immigrants, he has allowed ISIS to get a foothold in all 50 states. No president after Obama will ever be able to undo the damage that’s been done by him. We will soon see ISIS beheading on the streets of America. 
Former Breitbart Reporter: Why Did Obama Join “The Gay Club” at Occidental College? –
Former Breitbart Reporter: Why Did Obama Join The Gay Club at Occidental College?
Obama’s Self-Professed “Confusion” About Islamic Terror | Raymond Ibrahim
During the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month, U.S. President Obama tried to shield Islam from criticism by depicting Christianity as equally violent and…
Congress should do nothing about the impending DHS funding deadline.
Lower Standards Brought Us Holder & Obama
The only thing standing in the way of Holder’s dream police state is the law. He’s dedicated his career to fighting the law while abusing it. And now he would like to make political trials easier. Attorney General Eric Holder plans to push, during his final weeks in office, a new standard of proof f… | FrontPage Magazine