Boycott Halal!

Here is Larry Pickering’s Part 11 & 12 on the Halal Racket:

:Competition amongst Australia’s halal certifiers is hot and getting hotter. There are 33 known certifiers in a country of fewer than 500,000 Muslims – a relatively small halal market. Many Muslims in Australia don’t strictly observe halal going by chats I’ve had with Muslim shop owners.

One shop owner tells me he doesn’t strictly follow halal anway and neither do his Muslim customers.

Halal Certification was originally intended for Australian red meat exports. Our abattoirs are now 100% halal certified. We all eat halal slaughtered meat. But there are only so many abattoirs to go round before before a halal certifier runs out of “customers”.
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Australian consumers nervously worry that their hard earned dollars might be making their way from the checkout counter to terrorist organisations, which have tentacles reaching into Australia. It sounds like another conspiracy theory, until you take a closer look.
In several countries, halal certification schemes have been found to directly fund groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, proscribed terrorist organisations in the Middle East and the West, including Australia.

Halal certifiers use seemingly well-intentioned (Islamic) Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) aka registered charities to funnel funds to Islamic terrorists, as has been proven in Canada, France, the UK and the US.

Well-known brands such as Vegemite, Cadbury Flake and Nestle Kit Kat chocolate are among many products given halal certification.

The cost of certification effectively forces non-Muslim consumers to subsidise the religious beliefs of a minority group.

This certification is about taking money from non-Muslims and giving it to Muslims.

If I want to buy rosary beads as a Catholic, that’s my choice; if I want to buy incense as a Buddhist, that’s my choice; if I want to fund Islam, it needs to be my choice, not through everyday grocery purchases without my knowledge.

AFIC, the nation’s peak Muslim lobby, earns up to $1 million a year from halal certification.

Boycot halal.

Oxford University warns authors not to write about bacon, pork to avoid offending Muslims
The largest university press in the world has warned its authors not to mention pigs or pork in their books to avoid offending Muslims and Jews.–WASHINGTONTIMES.COM|BY JESSICA CHASMAR

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  1. The halal tax is being collected from businesses that claim it as a tax deduction & being a so called religious income is exempt from tax in the hands of the recipients . Does the Australian Tax Office ever check what these billions of dollars
    ( from Australia alone ) are used for . The sums involved are great enough to pay off the deficit . Where does the ” halal king ” of Australia get the money to launch vexatious legal actions against those he wishes to silence ? From halal tax ? How much is simply ” disappeared ” & used for illicit purposes ? What is the Australian Tax Office doing to ensure compliance ? Should it be that this is a tax avoidance scam what will the Australian Tax office do to pursue the perpetrators of the scam & recover the lost revenue ?

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