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Fisked for you by a totally unimpressed Christina McIntosh

enhanced-24242-1425383171-9 It did not, it seems, occur to this woman to seek out the nearest Coptic Christian church and ask them to tattoo a Coptic Cross on her wrist, in order to show solidarity, not only during Lent but for the rest of her life, with one of the most persecuted – historically and in the present – branches of the Church Universal.  Nor, it appears, did it occur to her to consider donning a Star of David, or a “Long Live Israel” T-shirt, and wearing that for forty days, everywhere she went, even when among the “Muslim friends” of whom she speaks so fondly…No, it is the Muslims, always the Muslims, for whom females like this are most tenderly solicitous. 

As breathlessly reported by Rossalyn Warren for “BuzzFeed News”.

“A Christian Woman is Wearing a Hijab For Lent To See What It’s Like To Be An “Outsider”.

“This is all about helping my people, specifically white Christians learn how to see difference, embrace it and engage with it,” Jessey Eagan told Buzz Feed News.

But what of all those many, many, many nonwhite Christians – Copts, Armenians in Syria, Assyrians in Iraq and Syria, Muslim-background Christians in Iran risking their lives to profess Christ, south Asian Christians – like Asia Bibi – in Pakistan, Chinese and South Asian and convert-from-Islam Malay Christians in Malaysia and Indonesia, and black Christians all over a large swathe of Africa, most notably in northern Nigeria, who are being persecuted, oppressed, discriminated against, slandered, and not infrequently robbed, raped, and murdered, by…Muslims?  What are you going to say to them, Ms Eagan, as – in a blinding glow of self-righteousness – you parade down the street in the costume of their persecutors? – CM

‘Jessey Eagan, a married Christian mother of two, has decided to wear a Hijab for Lent in an attempt to remind herself, “What it feels like to be an outsider.”

“See, we lived in Amman, Jordan, about 7 years ago, where we ended up teaching at an Islamic school”, she told BuzzFeed News. “While we were there we met many Muslims and built great personal friendships with them.

So she believes.  Perhaps they were not very fervently-practising Muslims; for if they were obedient to the maxims of the Quran they could not have befriended her, or at least, not sincerely.  She seems to know nothing of al wala wa al baraa, Loyalty (to Muslims only) and Enmity (toward all Unbelievers qua Unbelievers, unless and until they convert to Islam), nor ever to have read Surah 48: 29 of the Quran, which states  that those who follow Mohammed are harsh toward the unbelievers and compassionate only amongst themselves. – CM

“And living in a culture where I stuck out like a sore thumb, I personally know what it can feel like to be an outsider, and I wanted to remind myself of that, so that I can better love all people, no matter what they look like.”

‘In her blog, the children’s director at her church in Peoria, Illinois, wrote about a Muslim friend’s response to her idea to wear a hijab, and how it spurred her on:

“Before I fully explain my reasoning, let me tell you how I came to the decision. I told my husband my idea and he encouraged me to do it (silly man!  sometimes, behind a dozy bint there is a dozy bloke egging her on...- CM) but I decided that I needed to ask a local Muslim friend her thoughts on it.  She wears hijab for many reasons, I’m sure, but one is identification with her Muslim community.

Not with her god? Not with her faith? No, it’s her Ummah membership badge, her flag, her Gang Colours.  How unintentionally revealing. – CM

I wanted to make sure that I would not be disrespecting or offending the Muslim community (and we all know what happens, all too often, to dirty kuffars who offend the Religion of Perpetual Outrage, don’t we? we saw it in Paris and Copenhagen, just recently….CM) so I asked her opinion.  Her response was this: “You are a very thoughtful person full of great ideas…I don’t see a reason why people get offended by a very thoughtful, nice and peaceful act.  Our role is to teach and educate all people (ah yes: Muslims are “the best of people”, “commanding r[the Islamically] right and forbidding [the Islamically] wrong”…just like we see Islamic State doing with such vigour and decisiveness, just now – CM) and I’m 100 percent in support of this idea…My hijab drawer is yours, come and pick what u like. If u don’t have time I can bring them to u, just let me know what colours.”

The Muslim friend probably feels that our dear Ms Eagan is just a hop and a step away from warbling the shahada. – CM

“How great is that? I met her at the Islamic school this morning to pick up the scarves and she helped me put on my first hijab for the Lenten season.

Would her Muslim friend reciprocate by wearing a cross for forty days??. – CM

‘She says that her main goal for this project is to encourage other people, especially Christians, to look beyond appearances and remember Christianity’s teachings about love.

“Jesus said to love our neighbours, strangers, and enemies.  I think this is something that is not often taken seriously by many Christians”, she told BuzzFeed News.  “We are so influenced by the media that we allow fear to take over, and forget to love. Fear is the opposite of love.”

‘One thing Eagan says she hopes to do next is to use make-up to “darken” her complexion and “go out into the community”.

“My friend told me that white Muslims and brown Muslims have different experiences, as do black Muslims, within the Islamic community (hmmmm – is her “friend” a black Muslim? a tiny glimmer of reality sneaks in through the rosy-pink fog – CM) as well as in the community at large.” she said. “This is all about helping my people, specifically white Christians, learn how to see difference, embrace it, and engage with it. That’s what hospitality does.  It welcomes people who were once outsiders into a community with love and the desire to understand.”

Welcome one of Islamic State’s beheaders, complete with knife, into your “community” – or one of Boko Haram’s little-girl-in-hijab human bombs – and see what happens next. – CM

‘When asked what lesson she felt would be learned, that could not have been gleaned from a Muslim woman who wears a hijab (or from someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who wears it no longer, having discarded hijab along with the mind-forged manacles of Islam – CM) Eagan said she felt it was more important to experience it “first hand”.

“I wanted to see what my friends’ public lives are like, how they experience my community differently from me”, she said. “It is likely, I think, that my friends would tell me many positive things, and avoid speaking negatively, either about their experience or why they wear the hijab”, Eagan added.  “I also wouldn’t get to understand my own prejudices towards people, which has come out at least twice.”

‘Eagan said she expected people “wearing cammo [that is, camouflage / army style outfits – CM) or driving big trucks” to threaten her, but that she’s been “proven wrong each time”.

Oh well, perhaps there may be some benefit derived from this poseur’s silliness, after all.  Surprise, surprise, she has discovered the falsity of the claim that Muslim women are being daily terrorised by eevil redneck rightwing Islamophobes on the streets of Middle America. – CM

‘Eagan insists that the reaction to her project has been very positive from people in her community.

‘She described one interaction she had with a friend in her local area. “Yesterday at church a woman, whom I have known for quite a long time, came up to me and said, “Jessey, I wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog, and I am so proud of you, and what you are doing. Before reading your blog, I never would have even made eye contact with someone wearing hijab. But I was at an event the other day where I saw a Muslim woman and I did make eye contact with her.”

“How great is that? Such a small gesture for her to make, and at the same time it was a huge step for her.”

Oh, dear.

If anyone feels like knowing more, they can click on the link, look at the pictures – the expression on this female’s face, gazing at us glassy-eyed out of the frame of that earnestly-donned faux-demure Slave Hood, is quite something – then read down to the bottom of the article, and find the link for this woman’s blog, as she records each day of her little “masquerade as a muslima” project.  You can also read the comments upon the article, not all of which are exactly enthusiastic. – CM

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