CNN’s ‘religion expert’ has absolutely NO IDEA why ISIS is targeting Christians

And Ammanpour hasn’t got the faintest idea of what’s on that painting in her apartment:


Affirmative Action is part of the dumbing down of America.

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CNN hired Obery Hendricks to comment on why ISIS might be targeting Christians. He’s a professor of biblical interpretation at the New York Theological Seminary. And the best he can come up with is “animosity.” Yeah, thanks genius.

Watch below. You’re gonna love this one.

Dude seriously starts with, “y’know, it’s hard to tell…” and breathes with exasperation as if he’s really, really, really struggling to use every ounce of his brain power to try to figure out what possible reason these Islamist terrorists might target Christians. It’s really hard to tell!

I mean I hate to even address his idiotic observations, but just because ISIS is incapable of killing every Christian doesn’t mean that they’re aiming to murder Christians isn’t genocide. And just because there are way more lines in the Koran that aren’t about violence doesn’t mean that the Koran couldn’t be the motivation for the murders. Who hires these people?!

I would suggest you watch the advertisements then you know who finances CNN. And did you ever pay attention to how many CNN types are actually Mohammedans?
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5 thoughts on “CNN’s ‘religion expert’ has absolutely NO IDEA why ISIS is targeting Christians”

  1. Looking into the painting at Ammanpour’s, it is by Farideh Lashai , an Iranian women who died in 2013.


    The photo of her shows she was a baghead.

    Ammanpour says this about the painting , ‘It gives me joy every time I walk in my door’. (Listed under her ‘favourite thing in the apartment’).


    She’s not an idiot. She can see what it represents. How does that give her joy? Wow, I’m just amazed. She gets joy from 9/11? From the murder of over 3,000 people? Talk about revealing her true colours.

  2. In a similar episode of obfuscatory liberal masochism, I listened with my jaw on the floor today to a CBC “The Current” interview with a “Washington DC think-tank” (Brookings Institution) “expert” (MURDER-ENABLING TRAITOR) who decided that ISIS has based it’s brutal actions on an obscure, “secular” book (by a fellow Al-Quaeda jihadist named Abu Bakr Naji) called “”The Management of Savagery” and not, (of course not!) on the Qur’an (which he never once bothers to mention by name).

    This traitor is one Will McCants, whose bio van be found here:

    and the entire disgustingly apologist ISLAM-ENABLING LEFTIST PROPAGANDA “interview” can be found, here:



  3. This said – why then do we support them by paying halal tax at the supermarket ? We are paying for our own destruction .This tax would pay off the Australian budget deficit in a few years & yet it is given ( tax free ) to those who wage war against us . Let our politicians know they must act . There is an on line petition to the Prime Minister asking him to do just that .

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