France: “Nothing must slow down Islam”

These socialist utopians should be locked up in an institution for the criminally insane. Manuel Valls is a useful idiot on steroids:

Manuel Valls Strasbourg Mosque March 2015“Anything that delays an Islam of France, even if this is already a reality, that’s the great challenge we must face.” Valls is dreaming. He thinks Muslims in France will create an Islam shorn of Sharia hudud punishments, shorn of political supremacism, shorn of jihad terror. If imams in France did somehow devise such an Islam, other Muslims would denounce them as heretics and apostates, and they’d live thereafter under a death fatwa.

But upon this weak reed Valls is basing the future survival of France as a free nation.


“Nothing must slow down Islam,” Gallia Watch, March 14, 2015 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

The comments made by Manuel Valls on March 3 during a visit to the grand mosque of Strasbourg (above) are worth noting, even though I’m a bit late in reporting them. They come under the same category as those made by Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who recently announced a new “dialogue” with Muslim leaders and the relaunching of an Islamic “foundation” to fund various cultural activities. Both men are working diligently to implant Islam firmly in France. With every new mosque, every new concession to halal food, every new welcome to imams, they eradicate a bit more of French tradition, and bring the country a step closer to overt conflict. From Le Point:

Manuel Valls wants to meet the challenge of “anything that slows down the Islam of France,” in particular with regard to the training of imams. But he wants also to stem the “reflex” of soliciting foreign countries to finance mosques. “I hope to act, we hope to act… and we hope that everybody, you first among them, see the depth of the problems we have to deal with today,” he declared during a meeting with Muslim leaders at the grand mosque of Strasbourg. “Anything that delays an Islam of France, even if this is already a reality, that’s the great challenge we must face.”

“If there is no miracle recipe, things are little by little taking shape. Larger mosques, more worthy ones, have been built. Now, it is in the field of training that we must invest. And the State wants to provide the means,” said Valls who would later elaborate on this during a visit to the University of Strasbourg, where he announced that the State would increase to twelve, from the current six, the number of universities that offered courses for imams.

Valls insisted that there was no need to seek funds for mosques from foreign countries:

“In France, all the energy, all the necessary resources already exist for the development of Islam.”

They sure do. France  is being eliminated by the bellies of Muslim women.


He then launched into a condemnation of “extremism”:

Islamist extremism and the extreme right are two “major dangers for the Republic” that “nourish each other”.

“We must not hide from the challenges we are facing.The rise of populism, of the extreme right, in Europe and in France, feeds naturally on the rise of jihadism, terrorism, and radical extremism. At bottom, these two extremisms feed one another and represent a major danger for our democracy, our society and our ability to live together. I am sometimes surprised, angered, by the fact that people are not sufficiently aware of this. The only answer, the only one, to these two dangers that feed on each other is the Republic. The only answer is laïcité, education, the university, knowledge, intelligence, the ability to live together. Otherwise our plan, our national plan, will be in jeopardy.”

2 thoughts on “France: “Nothing must slow down Islam””

  1. Isn’t it strange how “extremist,” “fundamentalist,” and “radical” are all oxymorons? If one is extremely fundamental to the core message of the source texts, then how can one also be “radical” (divergent to it)?!

    Here’s the real “difference” between “radical” and “moderate” muslims:

    “Radical” muslims want to murder us for not being muslims.
    “Moderate” muslims want “radical” muslims to murder us for not being muslims.


    Get it, yet?!

    And why is this? Simple!

    In Judeo-Christian lore, of one commits suicide (much less by, or when also trying to murder others) one learns that one is destined for Hell.

    But the criminal Qur’an tells it’s Submissive “muslim” dupes that, if and when they’re feeling down, they can instantly get to heaven itself BY randomly murdering others!

    So it’s obviously islam itself which causes any and all “radicalization!”

    1. “If one is extremely fundamental to the core message of the source texts, then how can one also be “radical” (divergent to it)?!”

      The word “radical” need not mean a divergence from fundamentals. It is derived from “radix” meaning “root”, so “radical” refers to matters related to the root, origin or basis … of society, of belief etc.

      In its etymology, its meanings overlap well with “fundament” or “fundamental”. See Oxford Dictionary for example:

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