Freedom of expression doesn’t mean abusing prophets or heavenly religions.

Awqaf Minister urges passing international law on respect for heavenly religions and sanctities

Arab_today-_ee37news16Minister of Awqaf Mohamed Mukhtar Gomaa stressed that freedom of expression doesn’t mean abusing prophets or heavenly religions. Gomaa asserted that awarding those who disdain heavenly religions deepens the feeling of hatred among nations and peoples.

The Minister called on Saturday 21/03/2015 on the Organization for Islamic Cooperation to ask the UN Security Council to adopt an international law on the respect for religions. (Egypt State Information Service thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

4 thoughts on “Freedom of expression doesn’t mean abusing prophets or heavenly religions.”

  1. It doesn’t? I need to get a new job. lol

    You know Hillary Clinton was seriously involved in the OIC’s 16/18 ‘religious criticism’ as a ‘hate crime’ resolution. Still can’t believe she pushed that.

  2. ” heavenly religions. ”

    Which one are they?

    “prophets ”

    Who and how many are they?

  3. Of course, this only refers to the “heavenly” religion of islam and its “prophets”.

    Christianity, Judaism and all other religions are all fair game.

    Right, Gomaa?

  4. Since islam itself slanders everyone from God on down (calling him “the greatest of liars,” and asserting that he’s an unknowable despot slaver and murderer who capriciously and deliberately created “infidels” as a test for his “muslims” to extort, enslave, and murder for him) there’s really not much more to say about it.

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