Imam Boris Johnson’s “Myth Debunking” Is Bunk

Young British Muslims should realise that extremists like Jihadi John are not honouring Islam

We must debunk the myths that glorify sick jihadists such as Mohammed Emwazi, who was unmasked this week as the man who taunts the West in Isil murder videos

Why must we, Boris? By being better Muslims than the Muslims, Boris?

Boris twists himself into a pretzel:

That is why it is vital to insist, time and again, on the difference between this sick jihadism and Islam; and that is why, conversely, we must do everything we can to stop the likes of Cage – and indeed the MCB – from eliding anti-jihadism with Islamophobia. You can loathe jihadists, in other words, and be perfectly sympathetic to Muslims. …

Go f*kc yourself, Boris!  We have no business being sympathetic to Muslims. We are even less in the business of “honouring Islam…”

2 thoughts on “Imam Boris Johnson’s “Myth Debunking” Is Bunk”

  1. I used to like Boris…before he decided to allow himself to be corrupted by Islam. He used to be witty and intelligent. Now he is a fool. Amazing.

    1. Boris declared that there were Muslims in his family in order to get the Muslim vote. He was corrupt long before he was elected.

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