Ivory Coast

Flashback: We are witnessing an Islamic takeover of the Ivory Coast.
And the French (and the UN, US, and Europe) are helping them. Sick. The reportage on the Ivory Coast election is biased and Islamophliac. Centurion has a good report here: The Ivory Coast joins the ummah. 

At least 1,000 Christians shot and hacked to death with machetes by Muslim troops at the Salesian St. Teresa of the Child Jesus mission in Duekoue. Catholic priests are being targeted, Church facilities looted and destroyed.

The conflict in Ivory Coast began in 2002. The country is divided between the Muslim north and Christian south. This is a conflict that has been brewing for years.
 The Muslim takeover of Cote d’Ivoire wasn’t just one of those random events, it was backed by the IMF and the French military. Obama, among others, backed the Ouattara coup against the decision of the Supreme Court of Cote d’Ivorie and the results are entirely unsurprising.