Oppression is when kafirs try to prevent Muslims from killing them….

We need “courage” to do away with freedom of speech


Put a stop — a glottal stop — to this kind of nonsense, merely by repeating it to everyone you know, so that they can begin to be aware of the mental abyss between those who believe in Islam, and will defend it, and prevent any seriious discussion of what it inculcates, and those who do not so believe, and insist upon holding Islam up for inspection. We are on different planets. (by Hugh Fitzgerald)


Mohammedan psychobabble from the OIC headbanger  Iyad Abdullah Ameen Madni  who’s education consists of a BA from Arizona State in product administration.

Thanks to Daniel Greenfield:

“We must show courage to openly discuss and address sensitive issues such as limits to freedom of expression,” he insists.

“a context that we must search to identify the root causes of Daishism, bokoharamism, parkinglotism…”

WTF is “parkinglotism?”

By oppress he means, refusing to let Muslims kill them.

Then he slanders the  Armenians, Burmese and anyone else who refuses to let Muslims practice their religion by killing them.

Eltahowitzer’s psychobabble against “extremism”

Unknown“Even though some people may find my form of extremism unpalatable what they have to recognise is I am creating a space to allow more people to move towards my end of extremism, away from the violent extremism end of the spectrum.”

Well hung:
Obama declared the war on Iraq a success. And since then we have been subjected to weekly sometimes daily news reports of unimaginable barbarity while Obama preaches dawah and taqiya. (Geller)
India: Muslim files suit against law banning child marriage, “offends Islam”

This Muslim lawyer wants the Indian government to allow practices sanctioned by Islamic law — he wants it to be possible for Muslims to follow Muhammad’s “perfect example” — although Aisha, Muhammad’s favorite wife, was less than half the age of this bride-to-be.


“Govt can’t stop marriage of minor Muslim girls: Plea,” TNN, March 7, 2015:

MADURAI: Even before ink could dry on the Madras high court order refusing to be a party to child marriages in the name of religion, another PIL saying government officials should not interfere with marriages solemnized under Muslim personal law has been filed in the court. (Geller)

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  1. Soon – the time when Civilised Society has just had enough of islam!!!

    Then “nothing” will save the islams and the islam Appeasers !!!

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