‘Strong links’ Discovered!

Dot connecting seems to be too hard for most..

…but a French envoy goes there:

OTTAWA – The gunmen who launched attacks in Ottawa, Paris and Copenhagen are all linked to the broader Islamist terrorist movement in Iraq and Syria, says the French ambassador to Canada.

That’s the case, argued Nicolas Chapuis, even if the attackers did not have any direct contact with the each other or the broader leadership of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL.

“The so-called lone wolves that we have witnessed in Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen are all united by this ideology of destruction,” Chapuis said in a recent interview.

“This is linked — a very strong link. And we need to tackle the root of the problem.”

obama-and-islam-pigThey keep telling us over and over what they mean to do. Why doesn’t anyone in the hallowed halls of DC and the European capitals believe them?

“Iran Cleric Vows to ‘Raise Flag of Islam’ on White House,” 

United with Israel, March 2, 2015

While members of the Iranian clergy threaten the US with war, Washington seeks a diplomatic agreement with Iran.

Iranian cleric Ali Shirazi

Ali Shirazi, an Iranian cleric and an aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, vowed to “raise the flag of Islam over the White House.”--(Geller)

Paki Talibandit: “Muslims are commanded by Allah to keep their enemies terrorized”

Our Right to Spread TerrorHere is a justification of terrorism, argued on the basis of the claim that it is a strategy of warfare, universally practiced, and that it is commanded in the Qur’an and was practiced by Muhammad. The article makes reference to Muhammad’s beheading of 600 Jews of the Qurayzah tribe — an incident Islamic apologists in [BY ]

Gifted Teen Embraces Islam, Becomes Terrorist
Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 7.53.22 PMAnd so we ask the question that no one in the Obama administration, the hallowed halls of EUroids and the enemedia dares to ask — what happened? If it’s not Islam, what is it? Many Muslims from the US, Australia and Europe have gone to wage jihad in the Middle East. Why? They became devout [Geller]READ MORE
Germans to the front!

650 Muslims from Germany have joined the Islamic State 

650 “Germans” have joined the Islamic State, according to the headline. Really? How many are Roman Catholics and how many are Lutherans?

All 650 are actually Muslims, of course. Do they consider themselves Germans in any way other than geographically? Unlikely. They almost certainly were taught Islamic values, including the distaste that the “best of people” (Qur’an 3:110) should have for the jahiliyya, the society of the “most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6) — unbelievers. They clearly reject a great deal of what most Germans would consider essential to what it means to be a Scot.

Yet for The Local, they are as German as Goethe and Beethoven ….

….reflecting a dogma of the Left, that sociocultural values are the same everywhere, and thus it is only geography that makes for nationality. Move a Russian to Poland, and presto, his children will be Polish. The Western intelligentsia believes that if Muslims move to Germany, and their children are born there, that those children will grow up German, with German values — and that if they don’t, it is the fault of German authorities, who declined to allow them to assimilate because of their racism. The idea that all too many Muslims in Germany might have had no interest in assimilating is not allowed to be discussed.

Meanwhile, if a group of Germans moved to Syria and established a small enclave, a Little Germany within Syria, and had children born in Syria, would their children be considered Syrians, open and shut, without question? Would The Local refer to them as Syrians, as in “a Syrian man, Klaus Müller”?

“650 Germans have joined Isis jihad: minister,” The Local, March 6, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

So far about 650 people have travelled from Germany to the war zones in Iraq and Syria to fight for Isis, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said on Thursday evening.