“The celebrations of Moors and Christians have no place in democratic Spain”

Muslims consider the annual parade of Moors and Christians “, a popular tradition in Spain,  “an offense” and “a provocation” of Islam.


This has been going on for a long time. The Spanish must not be allowed to celebrate their victory over the Moors, because that could make Muslims feel bad. The filthy kafirs must not be seen enjoying a reenactment of Queen Isabella and King  Ferdinand giving the soldiers of allah their ‘hasta la vista’ after 700 years of Islamic occupation. That would be deeply offensive to Muselmaniacs, that really hurts their feelings. For that reason, they’re pulling all the strings and all the grievances in their arsenal. The text of the article is almost identical to  a posting from Oct 2011 on the Islam vs Europe blog and many other articles before that:

The leaders of Islamic associations in Spain have demanded that the festivals traditionally held there to celebrate the reconquest of the country from the Muslim invaders be suppressed because they are offensive to Muslims.


These celebrations are known as the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos (Festivals of Moors and Christians). More than a hundred are held in Spain in different localities. Some last for days and feature elaborate and colourful re-enactments of battles.

The president of the Federación Española de Entidades Religiosas Islámicas (FEERI) [Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Assocations] and the imam of Malaga mosque said the festivals should be discontinued because of the image they give of Muslims, saying the celebrations “have no place in a democratic Spain”.

The imam asked what the reaction would be in some towns if celebrations of the arrival of Franco’s troops were held and “the resulting punishment inflicted on the population”. In the interests of “good convivencia, they need to disappear”, he said.

The president of FEERI said:

“In a democratic Spain, where all religious faiths are represented, these celebrations of conquest must disappear. Like any other representation of islamophobia or racism, it must be eliminated.” 

He claimed that some of the festivals included offensive acts against Mohammed. This refers to Valencia where some festivals dramatise the recapture of a castle by a band of Christians followed by the destruction of a 3-metre effigy of Mohammed using firecrackers. Some elements of these festivals have already been suppressed.

The director of the Islamic Commission of Spain said:

And here comes the threats, or else:

“We will never justify violent acts but there is a need to show restraint and take into account what the prophet Mohammed means to us. This cannot be taken lightly because it could result in elements of discord.”

Muslims Demand Suppression of Traditional Spanish Reconquista Festivals

Google Translation:

If you know somebody who can speak Spanish well, please translate properly and sent it in, it helps our cause. Thank you!

We can ban the tradition of Moors and Christians to “not  offend Islam”
Ignacio Crespí of Valldaura
Thursday, 19. March 2015 – 19:02
“They consider an affront battles of the Moors and Christians Valencia, which justified given a beating.”

The circles can in Valencia, with municipal and regional elections just around the corner, have already announced their intention to submit “a popular assembly” prohibition of traditional parades of Moors and Christians “, a popular tradition they consider “an offense” and “a provocation” for Islam. So us know the Digital Mediterranean newspaper.
The Catalan Marc Marginedas reporter, kidnapped by the Islamic State for six months in Syria, was the first to uncover the issue in an interview with Catalunya Radio microphones: “The Spanish tradition of Moros y Cristianos is an affront to the ISIS “it considers a direct affront to its principles.
Among his experiences, the reporter, who was captured while covering the conflict information, explained that the terrorists wanted to give “equal treatment” given to the jihadists at Guantanamo. In his capture there were three “managers” of kidnapping, along with other Western captives, whom they called the ‘Beaters’ (Snapper), who used “most idiotic excuses in the world” to give them a beating. “They consider an affront battles of the Moors and Christians Valencia, which justified given a beating.”
“The celebrations of Moors and Christians have no place in democratic Spain”

It is not the first time this holiday, anniversary roots in many counties, mainly Valencia and Alicante, has caused clashes with the Islamic community. Thus, we recall the complaint in 2002 of Muslims in Ontinyent, who complained that a parade marched on a carpet where he had written verses of the Qur’an, considering an “offense” that these inscriptions are stepped on.
In 2006 the president of the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Entities (FEERI), the imam of the mosque The Union of Málaga, Felix Herrero, demanded to suspend the Moors and Christians “by the image given of the Muslim people, saying they “have no place in democratic Spain”.
Repeated complaints from Arab groups led even some Spanish cities change their heraldic shield effect in many cases since the time of the Middle Ages. Severed heads Moors, Latin inscriptions, references to the Reconquista and even their structure they seemed offensive.

The Spanish text is here:

La tolerancia de Podemos
Podemos prohibirá la tradición de ‘Moros y Cristianos’ para no ofender al Islam
Ignacio Crespí de Valldaura
Jueves, 19. Marzo 2015 – 19:02
“Consideran una afrenta las batallas de los moros y cristianos de Valencia, algo que justificaba que nos dieran una paliza”.

Los círculos de Podemos en la Comunidad Valenciana, con las elecciones municipales y autonómicas a la vuelta de la esquina, ya han anunciado su intención de someter “a asamblea popular” la prohibición de las tradicionales comparsas de ‘Moros y Cristianos’, una tradición popular que consideran “una ofensa” y “una provocación” para el Islam. Así nos lo hace saber el periódico Mediterráneo Digital.
El reportero catalán Marc Marginedas, secuestrado por el Estado Islámico durante seis meses en Siria, fue el primero en destapar la cuestión en una entrevista concedida a los micrófonos de Catalunya Radio: “La tradición española de los Moros y Cristianos es una afrente para el ISIS” que lo considera una ofensa directa a sus postulados.
Entre sus experiencias, el reportero, que fue capturado mientras cubría la información del conflicto, explicaba que los terroristas querían darles “el mismo trato” que se les da a los yihadistas en Guantánamo. En su captura había tres “gestores” del secuestro, junto con otros cautivos occidentales, a los que llamaban los ‘Beaters’ (los mordedores), que usaban “las excusas más idiotas del mundo” para darles una paliza. “Consideran una afrenta las batallas de los moros y cristianos de Valencia, algo que justificaba que nos dieran una paliza”.
“Las celebraciones de Moros y Cristianos no tienen cabida en la España democrática”

No es la primera vez que esta fiesta, de arraigo centenario en muchas comarcas, fundamentalmente valencianas y alicantinas, ha originado choques con la comunidad islámica. Así, cabe recordar la queja en 2002 de los musulmanes de Ontinyent, que denunciaron que una comparsa desfilaba sobre una alfombra donde había escritos versículos del Corán, al considerar una “ofensa” que se pisaran estas inscripciones.
En 2006 el presidente de la Federación Española de Entidades Religiosas Islámicas (Feeri), el imán de la mezquita La Unión de Málaga, Félix Herrero, exigió que se suspendieran los ‘Moros y Cristianos’ por la imagen que se da del pueblo musulmán, afirmando que “no tienen cabida en la España democrática”.
Las quejas reiteradas de los colectivos árabes provocaron incluso, que algunas localidades españolas cambiaran su escudo heráldico, vigente en muchos casos desde la época de la Edad Media. Cabezas de moros cortadas, inscripciones en latín, referencias a la Reconquista e incluso su estructura les parecían ofensivas.

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Spanish conservatives protest as festivals celebrating defeat of Islam are toned down

A decision by Spanish towns to tone down festivals marking the expulsion of the country’s Muslim rulers has prompted conservative politicians to rush to defend the tradition and sparked debate about freedom of expression versus religious sensitivity. The issue echoes the polemic in Europe over self-censorship that followed the cancellation of a Mozart opera in Germany, deemed offensive to Muslims.

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  1. Wait till they see all the huge pictures of James II conquering the moors in Mallorcan churches.This is a cultural attack on western heritage.

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