Trojan Horse Invasion

“Islam wants the complete implementation of Islam.”

Iran’s Supremo: Introduce youth of US, Europe to “Islam of jihad”

ayatollah_khamenei_-300x174Given the denial and self-deception of our leaders and the mainstream media, and the complacency and ignorance they’ve fostered among the people, the youth of America and Europe will be introduced to the Islam of jihad soon enough. 

Muslim immigration is ‘Trojan horse’ invasion, Belgian MP tells Ukip audience
Rightwing politician Aldo Carcaci warns party conference of ‘end of civilisation’
 “It’s an invasion, it’s a Trojan horse … It is for us, we are in the end of civilisation. Because if we continue to accept the Muslim immigration, for us, it’s a big problem”.

Do you believe that Muslims are oppressed in the U.K.?

Muslims undoubtedly have become an important asset to British culture. British Muslim police officers are living proof of this.

We’re going DownUnder:

A group of musicians are using art as protest and controversially (?) calling for the beheading of Tony Abbott.

“Controversially calling for beheading Tony Abbott?”

Who TF needs these wankers?


No Gym Hours For Freedom Sack Morons


McGill University has rejected two students’ request to establish women-only hours at the on-campus gym. In a news release, the school said it does not believe in segregating its services, and is committed to making sure gym patrons are respectful toward each other, regardless of gender.

 “The prophet will judge you” in Toulouse

Vlad Tepes: This is one of those stories that is highly significant, so of course it got little to no coverage anywhere. (Gallia Watch)

Courthouse building in France trashed, files destroyed, building flooded and graffiti about the prophet written on walls

Information on the event can be seen here:

…a judicial building has become the target of a sack, carried out in due form. It took place at the Administrative Tribunal of Toulouse, where four floors of magistrates’ and clerks’ offices were literally vandalized, apparently during the weekend of March 8-9.

Monday morning (March 9) around 6:30 a.m., the firemen were called in because of water damage. They were stunned. The building was flooded. Clearly, during the night, all the faucets in the building were deliberately left on. The water flowed for hours, destroying floors and false ceilings…

But the worst was yet to come: files were scattered, some torn apart, photocopiers turned upside down, offices broken into… and above all, on the four floors in the form of graffiti painted with spray paint appeared the same inscriptions: “The prophet will judge you” and “Warning”. The name of a Muslim magistrate was even written on the walls.

Click through to read likely motives and culprits on this one.

76 years after Kristallnacht, the EU is recommending a boycott of Jewish owned stores.

Really.  The Guardian reports via the Elder

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  1. According to rhe head of UK NAMP

    The Muslim community needs to come forward and report Islamophobic actions to the police. It does not matter how small or how irrelevant it is. Even in the tiniest incident they need to come and report to us so we can build a picture.

    He does not ask th Muslim community to report the slightest sign of “radicalism”, no matter how small. In other words he totally fails his police calling – to protectr all people, while concentrating on “Islamophobia”, which BTW is a real – a fear of Islam is a real fear of getting killed.

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