Treason on an unimaginable scale

Where Are They Now? The Fate of Bowe Bergdahl’s Taliban Five

Psaki: Bergdahl Swap ‘Absolutely’ ‘Worth It’

Shameless. These Obamabots are fearless. They believe they are untouchable.

Everything The White House Told You About Bowe Bergdahl Was Wrong
His release was supposed to be the political masterstroke in the last days of the war. But the war is still going, and Bergdahl is going to court.–THEDAILYBEAST.COM
DEARBORNISTAN: Michigan Judge orders Muslim cleric who supports ISIS and advocates violent jihad to disclose the sources of his income

Ahmad Musa Jibril Muslim Fraud ArtistA controversial Dearborn Muslim hate preacher, on probation for fraud, and on the U.S. government’s radar for his Islamic extremist views, must tell the feds where and from whom his income is coming. He owes $250,000 in restitution charges and they believe he is hiding assets and information.

WXYZ  Ahmad Jebril has failed to pay the majority of the nearly $250,000 in restitution he owes after facing 42 charges of financial fraud, they say.


Jebril’s probation is set to come to an end in mere days. He has refused to answer the U.S. Attorney’s questions, they claim. His attorney was fighting the call that he be forced to testify to his financials. Its believed he may have lied to his probation officer, and testifying could lead to new charges.

Judge Rosen said today—too bad. He wants Jebril to testify, but with some protections. That’s to be discussed tomorrow in further detail. Jebril, who was reading what appeared to be a copy of the Quran in court, refused to comment, and walked away from 7 Action News cameras after court.

Watch Bergdahl Platoon Member’s Takedown of Obama Admin. Actions After Controversial Swap
Reacting to the U.S. Army’s decision to charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion, one of the controversial figure’s former platoon members issued a blistering critique of…  THEBLAZE.COM

5 thoughts on “Treason on an unimaginable scale”

      1. Since insider trading (self-initiated bribing) isn’t illegal for American Congressmen, I’d have to guess that it could be pretended to be illegal by say the current admin’s DOJ chief (UberRacismSturmFuhrer Erik von Holder, in this case) and since it’s certainly distasteful to most American citizens, who seem to have “recall election” powers at their disposal, it could decimate the GOP.

        And that’s just the most generalized reason I came up with.

        More specifically, the NSA probably has all kinds of dirt on them – beyond merely NOT impeaching Obama for SSN fraud, birth-certificate fraud, etc.

    1. Many people are living in hope that POTUS Obama will be impeached.

      To date NO American president has been impeached successfully. Whilst impeachment proceedings were in train for three presidents who merited it in the past, the resolution to impeach failed: (John Tyler 1840 over State’s rights) Or the President resigned: (Nixon, over Watergate, 1974) or whilst impeached was acquitted: (Clinton, Lewinsky affair, Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, 1999)

  1. Uncle Vladdi,

    Hold on to your seat, because Holder is the Obama and Soros man for the WH. Prepare for Obama 2.0.

    Which is why IMHO he is stepping down as the AG.

    They have worked so hard to “fundamentally change America” the neo communist are not going to let all that hard work be undone, now are they.

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