Who says we are the clever country?

We need our headchoppers here to prevent them from chopping heads over there, lol!

Australia foils 230 Muslims trying to leave the country to join the jihad

Is this supposed to be a feel-good story? A “Wow, the counterterrorism squads are doing a great job” story? But what now? Australia authorities aren’t going to dare to do a single thing to disabuse these young Muslims of their jihadist sentiments. So now that they have been prevented from going to the Islamic State, what if they decide to wage jihad at home? Wouldn’t it have been wiser to let them go and not let them return?

“Australia says 230 foiled in bid to join jihad,” Associated Press/JIHAD WATCH|BY ROBERT SPENCER

AN asylum seeker in detention has cut her own stomach to avoid being transferred to Nauru.

AAP understands two other women also attempted to harm themselves on Thursday. Two of the three women were from Iran, and one had been extremely distressed in recent weeks, crying uncontrollably.

That’s the ticket for the gravy train of ever lasting entitlements!

Better married than in detention, really?

The Watermelons are the party of perverts and pedophiles:

Greens MP Adam Bandt thinks Immigration Detention is worse than Child Marriage

The Death of Abdul Salam Mahmoud


Part 1 on Mahmoud / Part 2 on Mahmoud

Jihadist Abdul Salam Mahmoud,  a former Sydney street preacher,   traveled to Syria to wage jihad a little over a year ago. A few days ago, he was delivered to his grisly end by either a Syrian government air raid or a clash with Shiite militiamen; sources are conflicting.

What had Mahmoud been up to in Syria? Indoctrinating children on the alleged virtues of jihad, of course. 

From your daily Muslim

Government Authorities across the world are being forced to make the choice between Social Cohesion or Democracy everyday.

Current “thinking” on social cohesion believes that “if the majority would only be nice to Muslims they wouldn’t be forced to radicalise”. We say this tongue-in-cheek yet, we are now witnessing the play out of this ridiculous thinking even in Australia.

None of our media reported that the Martin Place terrorist had 3 bombs planted around the city. This information was relayed by each of the victims on videos but not reported by any of our media.

Now we have a suspected Muslim convert committing a 9/11 to a German airline—Germany the home of PEDIGA anti-Muslim Rallies. So does the German government report the facts in this case and risk a social backlash or do they squash the media and sweep it under the carpet with a believable story to preserve peace.

A democracy without truth as its vanguard is no longer a democracy.

Our Western governments need to start dealing with the cause and not keep covering up the symptoms. Political correctness is literally killing our democracy. We have to be big enough as a nation to accept and deal with the truth, no matter the consequences. 1000 children in the UK had to bear the burden of the political correctness of the police and government agencies for years before the violence of their ‘culturally sensitive’ Muslim rape gang perpetrators was brought out into the open and addressed.

Democracy ceases to exist when its people stop believing the words of its Government. It is the onus of the Government to remain true to its people.

(We apologise for any trauma this may bring up but we need you hear what was omitted from media reports.—0.26 sec mark)


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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0ikAZWIYAMRQUy.jpg:large

    I have always wondered why the Left in general, but especially the Greens seem to have such an “affinity” with islam, perhaps it’s their shared “love that dare not speak its name in civilised society” for children, also know as pedophilia, or “kiddy fiddling”, that does it.

    Here you have the EU leader of the GREENS boasting how he undressed and fondled and was fondled by little children:

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