Worthless Opinions

“Most of the 2.2 per cent of Australians who identify as Muslims are good citizens who support this nation’s values, including individual freedom and the rule of law.”

This is boilerplate nonsense. No Muslim supports this nations values, especially not freedom and the rule of (infidel) law. The writer is deluded.


“Not all Muslims…”

 Spin it, mufti. Spin it!

AN Australian sheikh has urged Muslims to remember that “not everyone in the media is bad” the next time they read a story they feel is unfair.

Not all media is ‘evil’: Vic Muslim

AUSTRALIAN convert Sheikh Isa Graham says “we see so many silly articles” but “not every journalist” wants to say bad things about Muslims.

 The good ‘sheik’ won’t have to worry:  Oz media approaches everything Islamic with  brown lipstick and kneepads. I have no hope for that to change anytime soon.

“Not everyone in the media is evil, not everyone in the media is bad,” Sheikh Graham told the crowd at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne on Sunday.”Like we have good Muslims representing Islam, and sometimes Muslims doing bad things and misrepresenting Islam, we also have good journalists and bad journalists.”The conference, hosted by the Islamic Research and Educational Academy, attracted hundreds to the Melbourne Convention Centre.Speakers included Sheikh Hussein Yee, from Malaysia, and Dr Abdurrahman Al-Muhrij whose talk was live-streamed from Saudi Arabia.

One thought on “Worthless Opinions”

  1. 1. Incarcerate islam Appeasers ….
    be they Politicians, Politicals, Local Government Councillors OR The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructs who are enabling these islams in their hostile actions of Treason and Sedition against Australia !

    2. Stop & Reverse the islam invasion of Civilised Society in Australia!
    No islam to exist – period !

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