5,600 “refugees rescued” off North Africa in 3 days

No Islamisation to see here, people. They just keep coming.

5,600 refugees rescued off North Africa in 3 days

Nine people have died after an overcrowded boat capsized off the coast of Libya

World Bulletin / News Desk

At least nine people died when an overcrowded migrant boat capsized off the coast of Libya and 144 more were rescued, the Italian coast guard said on Monday, after another heavy weekend for maritime rescue services operating off North Africa.

A spokesman for the Italian coastguard said 5,629 people were rescued from 22 different vessels in the three days between April 10-12. Vessels and aircraft from the Italian coast guard and navy as well as merchant ships and an Icelandic patrol boat assigned to the European Triton border protection operation were involved.

Rescue services were alerted on Sunday afternoon about the boat that capsized some 80 miles north of the Libyan coast. Nine bodies were recovered and were being brought to shore on Italian coast guard and navy vessels.

These people are not refugees, they are invaders.  They are not invading Europe to rescue Europeans, they are coming to lay waste to the world.

Around 3,500 people are estimated to have drowned and 170,000 reached Italy as the migrant crisis has intensified with continuing instability in Libya, the staging point for most of the boats trying to cross to Sicily.

The number of boats carrying migrants aiming to reach the European Union from Africa has picked up in recent weeks as fine spring weather has made the passage safer. In February, more than 300 drowned when attempting the crossing in cold weather and rough seas.

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  1. idiots following the leftist PM renzi, the BHO fan…, and the leftist pope telling that ‘we are all brothers, and have to welcome them’
    Poor Italy, poor EU, happy to be far from there !

  2. The Italian ppl may have to scuttle their own navy to save their country from invasion.

  3. Italy welcomes the invaders because they know the true destination of the Moslem invaders is England.

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