Baltimore, Obamastan


I heard it loud and clear. Like a shot around the world. In between the 5 prayers and the golf he blows another  trillion dollars on the MuBros. Its not like he’s hiding in plain sight, its just that the flatliners from the media refuse to believe it. You may laugh if you think its funny.

Al ‘ Racist’ Sharpton and Baraq ‘Insane’ O bamah are proud of the events they’ve triggered into motion.


Destroy the Fabric and Foundation of America by all means necessary including but not Limited to Rampant Lawlessness and Chaos on America’s Streets.

Via these events, Baraq O bamah will generate the excuse to institute Martial Law. And how did he accomplish this fete? Fabricating non-existent Racism that has deceived the ignorant masses [Sheep].

Now the Sheep are following O bamah’s footsteps. Lawlessness and Chaos with no regard for ‘Law and Order’.

Welcome to Obamination!

~ Silence is Consent ~

The Obama Kidz Are Out in Force!
Baltimore Mayor: We ‘Gave Those Who Wished To Destroy Space To Do That’We Need More Space!
Welcome to Obama Nation! Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake states during her press conference that she gave the order to have police stan—NEWZVIDS.COM
You know this is becoming an all out war against police when rival gangs team up.—CLASHDAILY.COM
Baltimore Minister on What Rioters Did to Church Project For Poor Seniors: ‘Hurts My Heart’
Was meant to be affordable living for senior citizens…
Baltimore Riots
 CNN: Baltimore Rioters Threatening ‘Anybody… Who Was Not African-American’
A CNN correspondent covering the Baltimore anti-police riots live indicated that the rioters were openly hostile towards “anyone… who was not African-American.”…

4 thoughts on “Baltimore, Obamastan”

  1. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird

    Calling Thomas Sowell!!!!

    Calling Thomas Sowell!!!!

    Dear Mr. Sowell, I realize you are referred to by “people of colour” as a “house nigger” and an “Uncle Tom”………but I would love to see you weigh in on these events in Baltimore.

    Please……….anytime soon would do.

    Below is a clip from almost half a century ago.

    This is the Leftist CBC interviewing the Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as to his reason for invoking the War Measures Act during what was known as “The October Crisis”

    This was in response to a group of ill tempered frogs who banded together and started abducting federal ministers and high level bureaucrats. Trudeau wasn’t playing games and it was the only time in Canada’s history or since then that we essentially were placed under martial law.

    On another note.

    With respect to the endorsement of the Muslim and its Islam by Canada’s law enforcement agencies, politicians and judiciary, it is a safe bet that Canadian patriots will trun to vigilantism and we will once more see assassinations and abductions in Canada as a reward for the treason and sedition of those who hold power over us yet see fit to sell us into annihilation and slavery and destroy our country.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

      1. My point with respect to the relevance of Trudeau to Baltimore is that they should declare Martial Law and issue “shoot to kill” orders to quell the riots.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard
        Alberta, Canada

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