Bangladesh: Religion of circular reasoning kills atheists

The Koran is the word of allah because it says so in the Koran

Thanks to the Religion of Peace

Washiqur Rahman, the second atheist hacked 
to death in Bangladesh in a five-week span.

Islam requires a child-like faith and the
willingness to kill anyone who sees through it:

One question [Rahman] asked was “what proof
was there that the Quran was the word of God”
The answer: “Mohammed said in his own words that
the Quran is the word of God. Since Mohammed is
the messenger of Allah, his claims are true.” 

He posed the next question to the same person, “What is
the proof that Mohammed was the messenger of Allah?”

The answer: “The Quran claims that Mohammed was the messenger
of Allah. And since the Quran is God’s word, its claims must be true.”

In other news:

World Fooled by Classic Muslim Ploy? (WND)

An ingrained Islamic teaching allows Muslims to sign a treaty when they are weak that allows them time to amass the strength to defeat the non-believers. Iran appears to be following this script to a tee.

“The Muslim jurists teach that Muslim rulers are never to make a lasting peace with unbelievers but can only make temporary truces, ‘to be broken at the pleasure by the prince and in the interest of the believers,’” Van Dyck wrote in 1880, quoting from the works of Abu al-Hussein el-Quduri of the Hanafite School of doctors, who died in 1037 A.D.

“This is a cardinal principle of Islamic law, not just something from Muhammad’s lore or Muhammad’s past,” Bostom told WND. “This is Islamic law. Muhammad is just cited as the precedent for it, but it’s embedded in their law that you don’t engage in any sort of negotiation or treaty unless you’re in some position of weakness; otherwise, you just keep waging jihad.”