James Delingpole reviews the recent Katie Hopkins controversy:

Over the weekend, you may have noticed, Katie Hopkins was trending on Twitter yet again – this time because of a piece she’d written in The Sun in which she’d upset the Offenderati by using the word “cockroaches” in the context of the boatloads of hapless, parched, pitiable migrants now fleeing Libya. At this point you’re obliged tactically to distance yourself from Hopkins by noting how distasteful you too find her appalling choice of words. But I’m not going to, for several reasons, the first being that that it was so devastatingly effective.

It’s Delingpole, so read on. Incidentally, caring leftists don’t mind describing people as cockroaches when it suits them. (Hating Katie, by Tim Blair)

EU-Innenminister reden über FlüchtlingswelleWhat does it mean “thousands rescued?” Who will rescue the Europeans from their folly?

imageThey will never stop coming until European governments start turning those boats back to North Africa.

Imran, you lying turd:

“The Quran clearly states…” what it does not state. Ahmadiyya da’awa propagandist M. Imran Hayee is a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth and lies his a$$ off to put lipstick on that Islamic pig.

Hillary Hanson’s tortured dreck in the PuffHo:


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