Doc Tareq Kamleh a sexually manipulative “fraud”, a “sleazeball” and a “creep”

Guardian writer demands: why won’t Julie Bishop protect our jihadis?

Andrew Bolt

We shouldn’t be surprised that Australians volunteering to fight for a homicidal, racist, sexist, bigoted and simply bat-crazy terrorist group are actually not nice people:

Australian doctor turned Islamic State recruit Tareq Kamleh was not a “ladies’ man”, but a ”two-faced sexual predator who was completely confused about his identity”, according to those who worked with him while he was an intern at several South Australian hospitals in 2010…


Kamleh reportedly claimed to have had sex with a patient at the Mannum District Hospital and to have checked the medical records of a Royal Adelaide Hospital patient who was a former sex worker and intravenous drug user before meeting her for unprotected sex.

The Australian has been told concerns were raised with the hospital administration at Mannum, 85km east of Adelaide, but no action resulted.

On Friday, Kamleh, who grew up in Perth as part of a devout Muslim family, became the latest Australian to appear in an Islamic State propaganda video, calling himself Abu Yusuf al-Australi, cradling a newborn baby and urging Muslim medical professio­n­als to join him in the Islamic State-run hospital in Raqqa in Syria.


Kamleh graduated from the University of Adelaide as a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 2010. A former colleague … described him yesterday as a sexually manipulative “fraud”, a “sleazeball” and a “creep” who regularly drank to excess, had a strong interest in shooting, and had numerous sexual relationships…

Charming jihadist:

What [Kamleh] does not list on his social media sites among photos of him surfing and hunting is a crude party trick — sneaking up behind seated women and placing his exposed penis on their shoulder.

Known as a drinking, promiscuous party boy during his time studying medicine and practising in Adelaide he is said to have showed no remorse for such actions, including one time which left a secretary in shock during an official function to farewell overseas doctors…

“That was typical of him — impulsive, reckless, immature, absorbed with himself and with a total lack of concern about social consequences for his actions.”

But some on the Left seem to operate on the principle that the enemy of my enemy is my friend – or at least deserving of the protection of the AbbottAbbottAbbott regime: 

Please, won’t somebody think of the jihadis? The Guardian Australia’sKatherine Murphy on what Julie Bishop failed to do in Iran, Insiders, ABC television, yesterday: 

The Foreign Minister … seems not to have sought any special protection for any Australian citizens who are in the field fighting for ISIS.

Guardianista’s are not alone:
ABC “Terrorism expert” Greg Barton argues humanising radicalised local jihadis is urgent, “to understand it so we can find a way to defeat it”.

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  1. How do you humanize a sub human savage
    Ban koran and bulldoze mosques simple really

  2. ABC “Terrorism expert” Greg Barton argues ….
    humanising radicalised local jihadis is urgent,

    NO – IT (definitely) IS NOT !!!

    What is urgent is ….
    incarcerating ALL islam Appeasing …. Australian ….
    Politicians, Politicals, Local Government Councillors AND The PC (Cultural Marxist) Mind Controlled Self Destructs (fools).

  3. I think that this behaviour is not uncommon amongst the muslims that infiltrate our health services. Do the homework!

  4. Don’t forget that so-called terrorism expert Mr Barton is head of the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University which employs Sly Wal, whose only qualification entitling him to be on the staff of that unit is that he is Muslim, but both Wal and his boss Greg insist terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, begging the question “then why is Wal employed to teach there?”

    More than that last week Greg was interviewed in his office by one of the TV networks and guess what I spotted draped over the back of a chair or cupboard in Greg’s office: something that looked pretty much like a Muslim prayer rug!

    1. Greg Barton is on the ABC speed dial. He is the ABC go-to “expert” who babbles incoherent stuff that is reliably inoffensive. It would not surprise me if Barton is a convert. It is quite common for people in positions of influence to fall for the honeypot, which can come in many forms. Money, trips to the ME or a female that treats him right. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

  5. Glad he has left. I am sure this clown and his parents were not born in Australia. Once again the Liberals and Labour give citizenship out of a cereal packet. We need citizenship only after 15 years and even then it can be revoked on the entire family. Enough with these games!

  6. Re: ” The Guardian Australia’s (RACIST) Katherine Murphy on what Julie Bishop failed to do in Iran, Insiders, ABC television, yesterday:

    The Foreign Minister … seems not to have sought any special protection for any Australian citizens who are in the field fighting for ISIS.”


    Obviously, they can’t *choose* to be criminals, like whites can!

  7. Hey – who paid for Dr. Kamleh al-Jihadi’s medical training?!?!

    Was it – Australian citizens’ tax dollars in a free reverse-discrimination GRANT?

    Did he even qualify, or was he shoved in ahead of more deserving people with greater academic marks, but who weren’t swarthy?


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